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Big talking point is whether current Chelsea FC Manager Jose Mourinho should be kept on or whether he should be let go and let someone else comes in and hopefully saves the team from a very unlikely relegation battle…why should I as a football fan expect Chelsea to let themselves stay in the position they are in now…for much longer…at the end of the day, the cost of relegation is far worse and humiliating than it would be to admit that Jose Mourinho has had his day with Chelsea, time to move on! He is a great manager, don’t get me wrong but if the players are not in favor of him anymore then you don’t stand a chance in hell of doing well! That won’t be a popular opinion with many Chelsea fans and other rival fans who find every loss Chelsea suffer hilarious because of all the cockiness, the cheating, the arrogance of Chelsea over the last few seasons so they feel like it’s Karma that Chelsea are suffering so much!

Mourinho is a great manager, one of the greatest the Premier League has ever had! Yet everyone has a hey day….the time comes when it just doesn’t work anymore and for Chelsea, it looks like it’s happening! Just an opinion but to be one point above the Relegation Zone is disgusting…players are not performing and quite possibly, feigning injuries…some suggest Eden Hazard faked to get off the pitch against Leicester!  If so, then he should go because he will just cause Chelsea problems on the pitch….god knows Costa needs an attitude adjustment…I thought Suarez was bad…I’d happily have him back over Costa…any day! Fabregas….I never thought I’d be happy Chelsea got him over us….I remember being angry about that, now I’m relieved…If he was at Arsenal and he did that…I’d want him gone… and Fabregas…I found it funny how YOU of all players say that Chelsea Stars need to earn their wages and call themselves stars….found it funny, if you know what I mean…Ivanovic??? Enough said about him but it’s clear why Chelsea are suffering when it sounds like most of the squad is under performing….Terry is just getting on in years….still delivers…mostly  WHY DID YOU SIGN FALCAO?!

Chelsea have great players including Willian…Loftus-Cheek, Zouma, Remy…all good guys who are future stars…keep hold of them Chelsea and give them more playing time….they could actually get you some points because they look like they will put more effort into their game than most of your current squad! I would suggest buying a few players in January but be prepared to pay the extra mile for them! Say what you want, you can either believe that Chelsea will easily get a top 6 spot, just like that….or you could think that there is a crisis at Chelsea that appears to be at the heart of the team and it’s manager and staff! Chelsea will not just simply return to winning ways with the current squad! If it was so easy to do that, their wouldn’t be a crisis on right now!

Chelsea play Sunderland, Watford and Man United before the year draws out and I think Chelsea can get a result or two in these games…I actually think Watford are their toughest opponents out of those three teams…unless Man United suddenly wake up! Point is…these three games could decide Chelsea’s future! I feel like Chelsea are holding out as long as they can with Mourinho…possibly to see if he can turn it around or they come to realise that they have to let him go and save the club from a nightmare situation…anyone fancy seeing Chelsea vs Huddersfield next season? The championship fans look on in anticipation of an away trip to Stamford Bridge!

The January transfer window is coming up but that does not mean it will be a successful month for Chelsea for one simple reason…clubs will be aware that Chelsea want to buy and they will just increase the price and why shouldn’t they try and squeeze an extra 10 million for a player? Chelsea are desperate to stop this embarrassing run in the Premier League this season…16th place and 1 point above the Relegation Zone! Humiliating yet Chelsea fans continue to put their faith in Mourinho which is admirable! Yet…how much longer can fans really stay blind to what everyone else can see…you are 16th! Not 6th….not 4th and certainly not 1st! League…out of the question…top 4…unlikely….Champions League….Miracles have happened….Relegation…? At the present time….I have no idea and can you blame me…at the start of the season, having Chelsea be in the bottom part of the table by Christmas, I’d have laughed at you and assumed you’d taken some drugs! So I can’t rule out relegation for them….I still don’t think it will happen though because unless Mourinho turns things around soon, he should be gone! If Arsenal were in the same position…I’d want Wenger to go…if it meant change and hopefully, wins!

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