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Jose Mourinho has once again been sacked by Chelsea FC! The best manager has been sent packing after a horrendous few months that have left Chelsea only one point above the Relegation Zone! He has also reportedly refused the 40 million compensation he was due out of respect for the club! Chelsea are without a manager before the weekend’s game with Sunderland.

I finished a shift at work and came home and saw all over the place this news and I just couldn’t believe what I was reading…I heard rumors of it possibly happening…but I never imagined Chelsea would actually do it…I know things haven’t been great lately but I always expected him to turn it around…I’m an Arsenal fan and this news does not bring me joy….Despite the rivalry and the words exchanged by Mourinho to my club…I always respected the man because he was good, he was one of the greatest managers of all time, only a fool would think otherwise…PSG or Madrid I think his next destination will be…doubt it would be Manchester United but it would be interesting

How do Chelsea fans feel about this??? Well have a look at his video and decide for yourself!

Personally, I think it’s a big call for Chelsea to make, because he has been there best manager and this is his 2nd spell at Chelsea…I doubt a 3rd will happen…what’s next for Chelsea and is this a fair call…what about the players that didn’t give their all for the club? Is there more to the story that we have been told…more background stories as to why players have suddenly switched off since last season…well May to be fair!

This is an opinion of someone who isn’t a Chelsea Fan. via the Sun 

And of course, someone was going to have fun with this!

But regardless to how you feel about Jose Mourinho, he was a good manager and a damn entertaining one as well, with what he says and does weekly, made football more entertaining and talk able! He was successful, up to the 2nd part of this year…whether he lost the dressing room, I don’t know but a lot of those players need to go before Chelsea can recover and save themselves but if we see Chelsea suddenly bounce up the table before any new players come in…I think we’ll know what has happened at this club!

Goodbye Jose Mourinho, thanks for the memories.

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