I hate Writer’s block…so annoying….I don’t want to feel Blue but I’ve already felt Purple before…I know, I feel Orange! Not like an Oompa Loompa or anything like that or anyone who’s been under a tanning booth too long! Look at those curls though!

Now’s not the time to feel Blue, it’s time to Feel Orange! It’s December and it’s bloody warm…for some reason…thanks Global Warming! Anyway, 2015 is coming to an end and apparently…it’s been the warmest year on record…really, all I’ve had is people moan to me about how we’ve never seen the sun….then again, I live in Britain…if the sun disappears after being out for a few weeks, it was never there! Or that’s how it feels because June was a lovely month, we saw the sun plenty but every time I bring that up in a conversation about the weather…everyone just says how miserable the weather was this summer…one of the best summers we’ve had for years in Britain….blows the mind and makes you feel like an Orange!

Looks like the planet is changing….again…so I’ve heard, it’s getting hotter! Ice Caps melting…bit late for the Titanic…Jack, we could still save you…if you’ve ever seen Titanic 2, you might get that! I’m not used to very warm weather, I’m used to pale and meh weather…it will be hot for maybe a day a month and that’s all I get…a sample!  Did someone leave the heating on? It’s December and I haven’t needed to wrap up with a jumper or anything, I can go outside with a shirt and jeans and I’m fine…well I’m not because albeit it’s warm…It’s stormy at the same time….stupid Barney…stupid Desmond…silly names for storms but it looks set to continue into the future!


2016 looks set to be even hotter than it was this year! At this rate, Britain will be as hot as Tenerife every summer! in a couple decades…maybe but how hot would Tenerife be? I wish Britain would be hotter regularly…or more to the point, not switch back and forth every five minutes from sun to rain and back again…makes it real hard to choose what to wear!  I swear!

They say live everyday as it is and not focus too much on tomorrow because it’s today that counts! Funny that…people moaning that we don’t have hover boards like they do in Back To The Future! It’d be pretty chaotic if everyone was on those things…you’ve seen people on skateboards, right? Imagine that in the air! Cool factor is there but stupidity is also there because just because something looks cool in a movie, doesn’t mean it would actually work in reality! Could you imagine people with light sabers or wands?  It’d be cool but people would die!

I look at the world in a…particular way…I can’t help but look at things and think ‘Really…this is how it’s done?’ I mean I don’t know if that’s my Autism or I’m just picky…no idea but I learn more every day about it all, this little blue marble we live on…people that live on it…and animals….might research man eaters for the heck of it…Oh Top Gear comes back, it’s going to suck without Jeremy, Richard and James, FACT!

X Factor again…more butchering of classic songs…Any other reality show…some sort of destruction of common sense! Like most decision making that has been made by Humans since we emerged and took over, I’ll probably never understand most of those decisions…I mean…Men and Women are meant to be equal, why doesn’t it feel like we are? Mind blowing really that it’s about 2016 and in some places on the globe, we aren’t and are still a long way off actually being so!

I mean, at one point in history, we had no way of communicating with say Japan or China from England or France, yet Men being in charge was in full effect in all places…how’d that happen? You’d think it’d have been some places were led by males and some by females…just a guess but with no communication and only whispers in the wind, it’s funny how the same results happened world wide…only saying.

2015 has left me feeling so Orange this year..I mean it’s mostly just been a filler year for me, a year to get things ready…to grow, to learn and to do random things! I class going to Paris random because it was an out of the blue decision! An amazing one but random!

Still a bit of this year to go but let’s face it, we’re mostly thinking how long we go until we’ve given up on our New Years Revolutions already…I’m thinking mid February for me!

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