I don’t want to be scared, or to feel afraid every single day! Life is hard, I have to accept that and not everyone will make things easy, you will always meet people that will make your life difficult because they don’t care what happens to you! This of course is only a minority but it’s still enough to affect someone greatly, you can have a thousand nice people but you’ll remember that one bad one! Guaranteed because out of a handful, one will always be that annoying, infuriating, uncaring individual that puts a mountain in front of you, one you always have to climb to pass it or else you can proceed on with your life because it’ll either play on your mind afterwards or send you on a path where it affects other moments in your day!

With me, anything can affect me, an insult, accidentally insulting someone else! Being afraid to do something because I don’t like confrontation what so ever, it terrifies me and I always feel somewhat cowardly because of it…even though I should do, If I am doing the right thing than why be afraid?  Why let those bastards kick you down and make your life a misery…no one is worth your life being destroyed for…Be yourself and be confident in whatever you do! Don’t let others put you down, just because they raise their voice at you…because they don’t like that you won’t do what you want! You shut that down and either they accept that or they can get the hell out!

No one should have to go through their life full of fear because some people have short tempers and don’t like it when they hear the word ‘no’ or ‘You can’t’ so don’t be afraid, I know it’s not easy because with me, my head will worry so much and could affect your thoughts, and the rest of your day, week, month…possibly year if you worry that much! I’ll assume that some do worry that much!

I see posts and comments from people who seem to live with fear in their hearts everyday, daily obstacles seem such a burden for so many people, it feels weird when you see other people having such worries when you think that yours are so bad…I’m someone who needs reassurance if he feels that he has done something wrong! Always worry how other people will look at me, will they look down on me? Judge me? I can’t stand that kind of stuff to be honest…what other people think of me matters so much…kind of made my childhood awkward because as a Teen…when you get in touch with those emotions for the first time…it could be very awkward and scary!

From now on, I will not be afraid of others…I will be brave, I will believe because this life is short, this life happens once…screw it if some people don’t like that…if they get grumpy or don’t agree, it’s your life…not theirs! Besides, chances are you’ll never see them afterwards anyway…there’s over 7 billion people on this planet, chances are you’ll bump into a grumpy individual occasionally, don’t let them ruin the day for you! Never let them…Do what you need to do and be you! That’s what I’m going to do!

More Soon World!

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