Is this Van Gaal’s last game in charge of Man United? It might be so if they lose once again and I’m sorry Man U fans but your teams is the most boring at the moment in the league…I used to fear your team…USED to and hopefully, one day you get back to what you once were…Rooney needs to start scoring soonish…Chelsea have issues as well but today…either a dull draw or a slight Chelsea win.

I have to say a Chelsea win…1-0 though…even though both squads have had their issues lately, Chelsea have won recently, whereas Man U haven’t for quite some time…they’ve barely scored so unless Man U…a Man U win would be a shock! I’m amazed I’m even saying that but it would be a shock for Man U to win tonight…but would it be a bad thing if Man U lost for some Man U fans???

Do you really want Mourinho to be your next manager? I bet some do but some might not…it’s a tough time at Manchester at the moment, whoever comes in has a tough task ahead of them! Mourinho…he brings bad press with him…Guardiola…doesn’t stay around for many years…Giggs…is he ready? Simone…maybe…who knows but now that Van Gaal is statistically worse than Moyes now….that’s just humiliating if you ask me…either win or he’s gone I say! It’s just not working out but what confuses me is that he started off so well at Man U in his first season yet it seems like he’s lost the dressing room this time round!

I’ll go for a Chelsea win and Van Gaal either steps down or the board reluctantly lets him go…January could be a different month for Man U fans…will you spend?

Good luck guys

Manchester United Squad


01 de Gea

18 Young

12 Smalling

17 Blind

36 Darmian

28 Schneiderlin

31 Schweinsteiger

08 Mata

21 Herrera

09 Martial

10 Rooney

Chelsea Squad


13 Courtois

02 Ivanovic

05 Zouma

26 Terry

28 Azpilicueta

12 Mikel Booked

21 Matic

22 Willian

08 Oscar

17 Pedro

10 Hazard

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