That opening segment…was cringe worthy…honestly, some of the worst acting I have seen ever in WWE and that’s saying a lot when you consider what else it has to compete with…Bellas for example! And that screaming from Stephanie….SHUT UP! that was the worst part of it all…despise her yelling to no end! Roman Reigns with the slightest shove and we are forced to believe that Mr McMahon has been hurt…seriously? Are you kidding me and those officers? So believable…where did you hire those actors from?

Apparently, WWE is trying to make Roman Reigns the next Stone Cold Steve Austin…yeah, you know the one…that makes me laugh! And fans are going to eat it all up, fans are accepting Roman Reigns?! Why…what does he do that is so good? He’s a badass…he’s smug…so what? One of his best moves is a punch…I hate it when Michael Cole goes ”Superman Punch!” I try to mute my TV when he’s about to say this!

If I could somehow mute the announce team minus JBL, I would! Cole and Saxton are so boring to listen too, always going off topic and to have other wrestlers to tell them to focus on the match! It’s a joke…I won’t forget the moment the announce team took a selfie during the show!

At the close of the show…Vince comes back and…this is the bad bit because he…doesn’t strip Reigns of the belt…he gives Sheamus a rematch for the WWE WHC! And Mr McMahon is the special guest referee! Really…not to be ungrateful but this guy got you arrested…and that’s his punishment…? WTF?! How is that a punishment? Strip Reigns of the belt! In the real world, that wouldn’t have happened at all! Oh I punched my boss but just got a slap on the wrist! I know it’s all kayfabe and all but come on…make it somewhat realistic!

Fans of WWE…chanting YES! YES! YES! WTF? thanks for ruining that chant now! means nothing because Roman Reigns….what, can’t you create your own chant for Roman Reigns? You have to nick Daniel Bryan’s chant?  I hate it because it feels like only 1 person can be the guy…why only one? We used to have Lesnar, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, HBK etc all guys on top that could be champion at any time, nowwadays…it’s Roman Reigns because…I don’t know but I feel like I’m being forced to like Reigns because he’s all WWE is really pushing…your not pushing Kevin Owens…Dolph Ziggler…Dean Ambrose…stars we want at the top…nope, Superman 2.0! Love him because we tell you too!

I try so hard to not hate on WWE Raw…I really do but this episode was awful…makes no sense and WWE focuses way too much on pushing Roman Reigns…I might like him more if I felt that I didn’t actually have to at first! Get rid of the authority, let Reigns be Reigns….not John Cena or Stone Cold…stop making him cheesy and I might like him a bit more over time but you CAN’T force me! Make we want to like him…but don’t reuse your Attitude Era story lines or the ones you did with Daniel Bryan to do it!

The rest of the show wasn’t terrible…just didn’t always make sense…apart from New Day vs Lucha Dragons part…that made sense because they are in a rivalry…the rest…apart from that and Kevin Owens/Ambrose was pretty much thrown together….

What was bad?

  • League of Nations- Pointless
  • McMahon’s…GET OFF MY TV!
  • Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch- should have been so much better!
  • Big Show enters Royal Rumble
  • Byron Saxton…he’ll always be on this list!
  • No Wyatt Family

What was good?

  • John Cena returns
  • New Day
  • Goldust appeared
  • Kevin Owens

I pray 2016 is so much better!

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