And thus 2015 comes to a close! Welcome 2016 and everything that comes with it! But let us remember the year that was 2015, apparently the warmest year this planet has had in a very long time and as well, 2016 is meant to be hotter! What highlights can we speak of in the future that makes us remember this year?

  • 1.jpgThe Paris Attacks– A series of attacks on the French capital which left up to 130 fatalities, the second terrorist attack in France in 2015
  • jeremy-clarkson-is-quite-sketchy-in-his-first-official-comment-since-bbc-cancelled-top-gear-94580_1.jpgJeremy Clarkson is sacked by BBC for punching a fellow worker over steak! He moves to Amazon Prime! As for Top Gear, they get Chris Evans!
  • crash01_3488776b.jpgA flight travelling from Sharm el-Sheikh to Saint Petersburg crashes, killing all 217 passengers and 7 crew members on board, many believe it to be caused by ISIS 
  • greece-financial-crisis.jpgGreece Economic Crisis which took Europe by storm for an entire month!
  • Blatter_3385320b.jpgSepp Blatter announces intentions to retire as president of FIFA, eventually being banned for 8 years, although he intends to fight this! A massive shake up for FIFA expected in 2016 or so we all hope anyway
  • The_Duchess_of_Cam_3369931k.jpgPrincess Charlotte of Cambridge is born, brother to Prince George
  • manchester-united.altimgManchester United becoming the most boring Premier League Team…wow, most fans just said that for a joke, yet now it’s official…they really need a good 2016!

It’s been a year of ups and downs this year, the UK has started to name storms now…then again, we’ve had that many of them at the end of this years! It’s been a strange year and I hope that 2016 is a much more safer, more brightening year for us all!


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