Well it’s the first day of 2016, 231 days until I get married! My fiance likes to remind me how many days I have left until I’m tied down for all eternity by the power of the ring! I’ve never worn a ring on my finger before so I imagine that It will be quite difficult getting used to that ring of metal always being there…the sentimental feeling will mean everything to me, just the feeling of something wrapped around my finger will take some getting used to, like if someone had never worn clothes before in their life then all of a sudden, they started wearing pants every single day! 

A ring that symbolizes our love for one another! But what if it falls off and I don’t notice or it gets caught on something and tears my finger clean off?! I know that sounds crazy but I don’t know, I’ve never worn a ring before…ever! I don’t even know what finger it goes on as of yet! I think it’s the second one on my left hand but I can’t be certain until I try some on!


That’s the engagement ring that I gave her, not bad if you say so! I proposed at the end of 2012 and it’s now 2016, we’ve had to wait almost 4 years for our wedding day this August, still have a little more to wait but time seems to be flying by faster as each year passes by! It’s crazy because I imagined that as you get older, time would slow down…but apparently it’s the opposite! Crazy! #lovinglife Do hashtags work on WordPress??? No idea! 

I have been with Emma for 4 years now and by the time we get married, it’ll have been nearly 5 but it almost feels like it was yesterday when we started going out with each other in the first place! I mean so far, together we have traveled all over the place

  • Tenerife
  • America (Orlando, Florida)
  • London
  • Bruges, Belgium
  • Amsterdam, Holland
  • Sorrento, Italy
  • Paris, France

Not bad in just 4 years if you ask me! I guess we have the travel bug and we like to explore new places all the time, it’s fun and it’s always great to visit and new culture and learn about it! So many other places I hope we get to see someday!  

Back in 2012, my time proposing to Emma was a little tricky and it’s origins are a bit strange…yet one thing led to another and a chance emerged and I decided to take it In Bruges- READ HERE! it’s a good story, If I’m not blowing my own trumpet a little bit…I’ll stop now but you can’t blame me for me somewhat proud of it…everyone else keeps telling me too but I don’t want to appear like I’m a bragger or some sort of Love Expert…I just did what I thought would make Emma happy and to show her just how much I really care about her, that’s all…I wasn’t trying to show off to others or anything, all I cared about on that weekend was having a nice break with Emma and hopefully she would feel the same as I do about her and she would want to spend the rest of her life…with me.  

If I had written out a checklist before I started all of this, it might have looked a little bit like this…maybe. 

  1. Get Engagement Ring 
  2. Tell Emma we are going to Hull for a weekend
  3. Get a hold of her passport
  4. Ask her family for their blessing
  5. Hide Engagement Ring From Emma 
  6. Convince her Friends to not talk to her for a few weeks (I had told them of my plans) 
  7. Go To Hull and somehow get to Docks without giving too much away
  8. Go To Deep Aquarium 
  9. Call Taxi
  10. Have No Choice To Tell Her About Bruges But Not Engagement 
  11. Take phone off Emma just before boarding ship (Can’t take any chances) 
  12. Spend Next Day Spoiling Her Rotten (Horse+ Carriage Ride, Chocolate Factory, Italian Restaurant, Belgian Chocolate) 
  13. As Sun Sets, Lead Emma To Lake Of Love Bridge 
  14. Propose As The Sun Sets
  15. Hopefully, She has Said Yes! 
  16. She Did! 


That was the best moment of my entire life up to this point, and I can’t describe it to you on here because I would take up at least 5000 words! But it made me so happy to know that someone does love me that much that they would want to spend their entire life with you, raise a family and create memories together, it means so much to me and it does to her as well, I know that we are meant to be together and before you say ‘That’s what everyone says’ I know life can be uncertain but if you feel strongly about something than you are going to go through life sticking by it, even though you know it might not last forever…everyone dies at some point but I truly believe I will always be with Emma, until the day I’m an elderly man on my death bed! but screw thinking negatively, I love her and I always will, we’ve survived through so much already, many things have tested our relationship and it has just made us stronger! 

Bruges was amazing, we really need to go back to that wonderful place one day! That was 2012 and now it’s 2016 and we have our eyes set on a brand new destination to explore and enjoy…The Land Of The Rising Sun, Japan!

Land Of The Rising Sun-arunachal Pradesh.jpg

I have always wanted to travel here and Emma has agreed that we should go somewhere like Japan for our honeymoon so I definitely can’t wait to get married, then travel to Japan for my honeymoon! It feels like the moment we knew we were going to France, our heads full of wondering what we would get up to while we were there, it’s no different for Japan really but that is still a bit away, we have so much to get sorted out before then!

I also have a Stag Do to prepare for…lord knows what I might have to go through…I mean my groomsmen could have anything planned for me…I dread what might happen to me…as long as I get to go to a water park at some point though and as long as I’m not tied to a lamppost in the middle of somewhere…I’m sure I’ll be fine! I mean, how crazy can they get? 

For those getting married this year, I wish you all the best of luck in your preparations and a big congratulations from me!  2016 looks set to be a wonderful year for us all, I sure hope it is so! HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! 

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