Why do I call myself TheDailyPickMeUp? Well I guess i just thought it sounded like a good name at the time, I mean I guess it helped that I happened to be eating a Pick Me Up biscuit at the time, those things are awesome! Also I don’t just like to write about one thing, I have many different subjects to talk about, such as my Autism for example…I write a lot about that, I also support Arsenal FC and watch WWE, Anime and other general things that people like so I try to write about it all and jam pack it into my blogging page, crazy but it makes me happy…maybe I should make pages for each individual thing, that might make it easier? Well I think that now…I’ll have a longer think though.

Mainly, I focus on my Autism and writing blogs regarding that! Mainly so I can share experiences of my own with many others as some will have gone through it and others will not have but also to show that…at the end of the day, I’m no different to anyone else really…no real reason to think otherwise. Plus, it’s a lot of fun, that’s a big reason!

Since I’ve been doing this for just about a year now and I have a few followers, just under 200…I’m doing something right 🙂  And got a Liebster Award for what I write! So that’s day 1 of 30 on this Blogging Challenge, I’ll do this every day of the month! Fun!

Tomorrow, we have 20 facts about yourself…sounds fun!


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