Day 1 Challenge where I explained why I chose the name of my blog

But today, I am to give 20 facts

  1. My favorite colour is Blue, I just like that colour more than any other, If I could I would have everything I wore and owned to be blue! I always feel calm around the colour so maybe that’s what I feel comforted by it being all around me but maybe having everything blue would be a little too much but coming a close second would be Purple, that’s my second favorite
  2.  I support Arsenal FC and have done ever since 1997! What made me support this team was one special player that I saw play and it made me fall in love with the club ‘Dennis Bergkamp!’ As well as this, Tony Adams, David Seaman, Marc Overmars, Emmanuel Petit and Patrick Vieira amazed me with every game they played, their style of football made me a fan for life which I always will be!
  3. I once walked 15 miles from Huddersfield to Oldham out of pure boredom whilst waiting for my Final Year Project Mark. I walked over the top of the Pennines alongside the main road, past small villages and alongside canals for 15 miles and it took me 5 miles and my phone battery died once I arrived, I was almost stuck in Greater Manchester for the night as I had left my wallet in Huddersfield! Thankfully I had a lift back with the one call I made before my phone died!
  4. To propose to my Fiance, I secretly arranged a secret get away to Bruges and managed to get hold of her passport, get her families blessing, get an engagement ring and tell everyone, including her friends about it and she had no idea about it until I finally told her on the day! She said yes by the way!
  5. I once, out of boredom wrote a short story regarding being alone at University and it happened to get published into a book full of short stories called Objection to Perfection, it took me 25 minutes to write it!
  6. Speaking of Writing, I was once told to write a poem about my home for a project and forgot to do it until the day it had to be in, it took me 5 minutes to write it on the bus to University and in the end, a woman asked me for a copy and my autograph…still bewilders me to this day!
  7. I have a belief that from April to September every year, I have good luck! It is something I have thought since I was 8 because I just seemed to have good luck in this period every single year and it seems to be continuing to this day!
  8. Micheal Jackson is my favorite singer and when feeling down, I often listen to one of his songs to lift my spirits up!  Earth Song is my favorite
  9. I have Autism and have been aware of this for about a decade now, most people can’t tell that I have it, in fact as far as I’m aware…only one person has ever said to me that they could tell I had it!
  10. Upon seeing Jimmy Carr Live in Leeds, I told him when he asked a question of what was the worst gift we got for Christmas, I answered by saying that my fiance got me a tray as one of my presents for Christmas, he told me to leave her! (I was A University Student at the time)
  11. A random girl once snogged me for a Pot Noodle in a Night Club in Huddersfield, she really wanted those noodles!
  12. I can’t fall asleep with any lights on in the room, it’s impossible for me to do so, even when I’m drunk it annoys me! Yet for a long time, I was afraid of the dark…oh the irony
  13. I once accidentally made my parents think I ran away from home but in reality, I had gone for a bike ride a few miles out of town…the reason why…I was bored…I was in a lot of trouble when they found me!
  14. My favorite animal is the Horse, I just think their beautiful creatures and I can’t say a bad thing about them at all! I can understand why many spend their lives caring for them and owning them and occasionally, me and my fiance have enjoyed Horse Riding as a hobby
  15. People always seem to guess my age wrong, some people guess I’m 5 to 6 yrs younger than I actually am but I’m always so flattered that I never correct them,,,I’m not going to say how old  I am right now…why ruin the flattering? Point is I look younger than I am
  16. I have never watched Back To The Future or any Indiana Jones Movie…or any James Bond Movie or the GodFather…why? I don’t know, I just have never got around to watching any of them.
  17. I am often called the mature one in any group I am in…no idea why, it seems absurd that I would be seen in such a light
  18. Not a lot makes me laugh so if you ever do make me laugh, you must be really funny!
  19. I have a love of travel, in the last five years I have been to Belgium, Holland, France, America, Tenerife and Italy and Japan this year
  20. I believe that we are all on a journey and mine is to be happy and enjoy life for what it’s worth, be nice to all and be respectful.

That’s 20 Facts about me, I hope you enjoyed!

Next time, I write about my favorite quote

Have a good one people!


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