It’s Day 3 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, set by livelovesimple.com and today, I have to talk about my favourite quote! This one is easy for me but before I start, I’ll show where my quote has come from today


Any idea? It’s from the Japanese animated film, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time , one of my personal favourite movies of all time! The quote from this movie that has become my favourite one is

'Time Waits for No one'

Face it, if we all had the ability to go back in time and change an event in our past which if you don’t you must have had a perfect life so far! It would be very tempting because everyone has that one thing they wish turned out a little bit different in the past and as well as that, we all come to a crossroad someday in our lives when we feel that time…is running out for us, we are getting on in years and once we are gone, what will be then?…Well, the world will still be spinning, life will continue on without us, Time… it waits for no one! but what’s beautiful about this is that no one should be afraid of their past or of the end, no matter what has happened, the future is to be embraced, not feared because yes, everything has a consequence but the future is not written down whereas the past is.

I used to dwell so much on my past and want to change it but then realised…what ‘s the point…would it really make things better? Wouldn’t it be better to embrace the future and make that better so your past doesn’t even have to matter anymore?!

Point is people, every action has a consequence, no matter what you do! Even if you did somehow change events of the past…how do you know it won’t just create a brand new problem for you?  I take from this that nothing can be done about your past but you can change your future and make that better. Don’t waste time dwelling on the past, you only live once so embrace that and don’t waste any time, make the future the best you can!

Next Time, I have to talk about what my dream job is! Should be fun

Have A Good Day!


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