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Welcome to Day 4 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and today I talk about my dream job! Before that, if you look above…you can see the first 3 days of the Challenge highlighted, feel free to have a look and tell me what you think by commenting or if your doing this challenge to send me your link and I’ll like and comment!

Anyway, back to the Challenge! My dream job is to become an author someday and write for a living! Creating stories and making people happy with them would be the best feeling in the world, when you get a positive comment or great feedback, you really feel that you have done something amazing, inspired someone or made there day!

I have written stories for the majority of my life and have even had a short story published before! I think that if I really put my mind to it and work hard at it then I can do well but I’m going to assume that if I write a story, it’ll get published, it takes a lot of good luck to get that lucky break but I will keep working hard and not giving up to reach that goal! It’s my dream after all and we should never give up on our dreams?

If I could ever get a book published, that would be a dream in of itself, just to see my name on the cover, my characters breathing a new life into the world and another story being told to people across the globe! That would just be the best and that’s my dream to achieve!

Next time, I talk about what my proudest moment has been!

More soon

Have A Good Day


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