Hello Internet, This Is your DailyPickMeUp! And welcome to 2016, a brand new year and a new start for us all, let’s all have a good year! Today, I talk about living with Autism as in how I live day by day with my Autism and whether it affects me in any way or makes my life any harder. Now I must stress that these are my opinions only and that they won’t apply to everyone so no assuming that they do! Awar

Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news and give you so many details of how difficult this all is but as far as I’m aware, me having Autism hasn’t made life harder for anyone I live with since I was like 5! What I mean is that I don’t struggle to live with my Autism at all! Sure I worry about life’s little challenges that it throws at me on a daily basis but who doesn’t? We all have issues in life that we struggle with to overcome, I just tend to be more vocal about them and never shut up about them because I want someone else to tell me that it will all be alright! I can’t get over something unless I know it will all be ok, or that’s how it feels anyway..ever felt panicky about something and no matter what you do to distract yourself, it won’t go away?

Of course you have, who hasn’t? But I don’t struggle to live daily life! Not to the extent that it would cause my life to be delayed in any way or form or so I think anyway…others might think I struggle….well I hate to tell you…but I don’t.

Of course I have things that I only like being done the way I like them done whereas my family and fiance have their way of doing things, such as cleaning, cooking and shopping, for some examples. I’m a kind of guy that doesn’t rush to get everything done but my Fiance likes to get all the chores done in the morning so she can relax all afternoon which I can’t wrap my head around because that’s not how I do things and at one point…It would have really gotten to me and I might have shouted or gotten angry about it but today…no more, I would say that I have become more accepting of other ways of doing things because there is always more than one way to get something done and I embrace that now, it took a while but I got there!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a nice guy and all but I can’t help it if something ticks me off as small as how a chore is done or being a fussy eater…I am the worst for that, the smallest thing that i don’t like on a dish and I won’t eat the dish…of food that is! I have never tried to eat an actual dish! For example, if Mash Potatoes have any lumps in, my meal is ruined…any onions….I’m done! I am such a fussy eater, I must have made people’s life’s hell when I said I wasn’t going to eat my meal because of the minor details!


Yet today, I feel like that has somewhat changed as well as I find ways around these problems to prevent them from happening, such as the Onion thing…my fiance now only buys in Onion Granules because let’s face it, Onions go into so many dishes, it’s very hard to get around them

In fact, at one point, all of these things would have caused you to be in trouble with me a long time ago.

  • Hoovering when I’m doing something
  • Making my bed wrong
  • Cooking my food wrong
  • Playing music I didn’t like
  • Watching a TV show I didn’t like
  • Not going to the Restaurant I wanted to go to!
  • Dressing Weird (If Other people did)
  • Scratching Nails Against Leather
  • Poking Me
  • Pushing Me
  • Making Loud Noises
  • Breathing Loudly
  • Picking Your Nose (It was fine for me to do it!)
  • Wearing Shoes Indoors
  • Not Letting me have what I want to eat

Wow, I sound like I was a brat…once! A lot used to really wind me up and make me angry, probably because in my head, people didn’t like me and were doing all of these things on purpose to get at me…I sound like I was quite paranoid as a child…funny. I’m not like that anymore but when I reflect and look back, I can’t believe I was once like that…everything would just set me off and I never really understood why, in a sense, I just assumed that everyone hated me.

Point is, at one point in my life, I would say that it would have been quite tricky to live with me…I needed plenty of attention growing up and I can imagine that it wasn’t easy because I never really understood what I was doing or that anything had much of a consequence, I wasn’t afraid of anything for a long time…until reality comes knocking and it knocks hard…shook me up real bad and I got a hold of things after a while and became in charge of my own destiny

These are my thoughts only…well that’s obvious but I see all these blogs and threads about ”How To Live With Aspergers” and I roll my eyes because I think about how my Autism affects me and that I wouldn’t have to do any kind of special measures or anything like that to make my life any easier and I haven’t had to for a very long time now, I still have issues but I don’t feel that my life is drastically changed by them as they once were, much has changed and I have worked hard to make those changes! But then always remember that so many others do have to, I must always remember that.

Everyone with Autism is different in a certain way and living with it will vary from person to person, one written down rules for how to live with Autism won’t apply to all in a sense but could give a kind of guideline…I always find something useful on each blog like tips and guidance that really does help.

What do you think? Does Your Autism affect your day to day life? Comment bellow and this will also be available to read on my Facebook page

More Soon From Me


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