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Day 2- Facts About Me

Day 3- Favourite Quote

Day 4- Dream Job

Day 5- Proudest Moment



Today is Day 6 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and for today, we discuss what I am afraid of….oh boy, this should be fun! Well it’s not very easy to say really because we all have fears, that one thing that we have that we can’t stand, no matter how hard we try to overcome it! I have had many fears throughout my life, many have come and gone but one has already stayed by my side throughout and I doubt it will ever go away, my one true fear  is…Heights!


Sorry to be your typical terrified fly guy but Heights terrify me to no end! I can’t stand them…Just the thought of dangling over a cliff edge is too much for me, I hate the thought…yet I have traveled on planes many times and I love Roller Coasters as well! The irony! Rides like Waltzers I’m more afraid of than a Roller Coaster! I guess I just don’t think about Heights when I’m on a coaster or going down a massive water slide…I’m more focused on the ride itself than how high it is! As for something like Sky Diving, why anyone would want to do something like dive out of the sky is beyond me…fair enough if the challenge is invigorating for you or your doing it for a good cause…but for fun? Sorry but I doubt I’ll ever understand that! When I was younger, I would never climb tress like all the other kids would, I fell out of a tree once and never told a soul about it, the fall scared me to no end and I didn’t want it to ever happen again.

man on cliff edge_93115599_514x343.jpg

When I looked down from that tree, I got so scared that I lost my balance and fell down, I haven’t climbed a tree since! Heights are my biggest fear, the one thing that can cause me to lose grip on reality and go into panic mode, yet I always have to have the window seat on a plane!


So there you go, my biggest fear! Tomorrow, we look at my 5 favourite songs! Should be fun! Have A Good Day


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