I know many more but I won’t go through every single aspect here and now, that would take forever and I would still miss something so I’ll just say a few lessons I have learnt over time, going through life and various experiences but keep in mind, these are MY experiences, they don’t have to make sense to you or have an impact on your life! If you haven’t gone through any of the 5 then that’s fine, with over 7 billion people on this planet, these things won’t happen to everyone!


  • Being social is often when it comes to being Autistic, rather tricky or so I can see, everywhere I read an article, socially awkward is often there in a sense at least and of course many have friends but getting them and maintaining the friendships is often very difficult which I have discovered over the years


  • Meltdowns are a possibility, I don’t care what any one says, they can happen and I have mentioned them many times! I’ve seen them happen to others before, You don’t just have to have Autism to have a meltdown someday! They just seem to be more associated with people who are Autistic than NT, even though to be fair, I’ve seen plenty of people who aren’t autistic have public outbursts! or so it seems from what you see, hear and find! I often think I’m like a volcano erupting when I have one! Ok, so not everyone with Autism blows up in an explosion of rage from time to time! Just because one thing is stated does not mean it is stated for every single individual with Autism! If you have meltdowns, you’ll understand how annoying they can be but if you don’t, good for you!


  • There is no cure for Autism, accept it! I won’t go into detail but some of the silly things I have found that claims to cure Autism is beyond stupid, I mean I draw the line far before bleaching the brain! COME ON PEOPLE! Also I know many people don’t like the mention of a cure…that goes for me as well! So we will just move onto the next point!

Autism circular concept with colors and star

  • You can’t cover every single aspect of Autism at once, guaranteed you will have missed something out and if you don’t think you have…someone is bound to let you know…just because! No matter what you say about Autism, whether it be positive or negative, someone will have a problem with it, like treading on eggshells every time, one will crack! But at the end of the day, if your entitled to your opinion, I’m bloody entitled to mine as well!
  • And Finally, There is always something new to learn, every day I learn something new that I didn’t really know before and it’s always beneficial to have learnt something brand new, it’s how we continue to move forward in this life, whether people agree or disagree with what you say, you are always learning and growing. If something doesn’t go your way, learn from what went wrong and use that to prevent the same mistake happening twice. You know what they say, every time you get knocked off your horse, you climb right back on!


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