Hello, it’s Day 7 of our 30 Day Blogging Challenge and today I list my top 5 songs, even though I have so many of them, it’s quite hard to choose.

A Few Honorable Mentions

  • They Don’t Really Care About Us- Micheal Jackson 

  • Photograph- Nickleback
  • In The End- Linkin Park
  • Evanescence- Bring Me To Life
  • Man In The Mirror- Micheal Jackson
  • You Are Not Alone- Micheal Jackson
  • Shine- Take That
  • Thanks For The Memories- Fall Out Boys
  • Bruno Mars- Grenade


  • 5) Thriller – Micheal Jackson
  • 4)The Phoenix– Fall Out Boys
  • 3) Immortals– Fall Out Boys
  • 2) Bohemian Rhapsody– Queen
  • 1) Earth Song- Micheal Jackson

So have a listen to them all, they are all really good songs but for me, Micheal Jackson will always be the greatest singer of all time, Queen come a close second for me but Earth Song means more to me than any of the others because it’s about protecting the very planet we live on and somewhat take for granted every single day! He really cared and wanted things to change before it was too late and that always speaks to me whenever I listen to the song! It will always be my favourite!

Next Time, On Day 8…I write about 5 Current Events happening in my life right now, sounds fun.

Have A Good Night Everyone!

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