Hello, welcome or Konnichiwa! This blog today is all about Autism and the idea of travelling abroad! The idea is that the stress of ensuring you always have everything like enough money, clothes, sun cream and other essentials can drive you crazy! Or maybe it doesn’t, maybe all of the holidays and travelling doesn’t get to you at all?! If so, I am very jealous because it drives me around the bend! So much to think about going and coming! You leave with some stuff in your case and return with twice the amount!

Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be a holiday out of the country, you could go somewhere in your home country and it could still be a very stressful experience, I should know, I have vacationed in Britain many times, I went to Blackpool once…it rained every day we were there! London was nice but expensive and Scarborough…it was nice and all but Tenerife is better!

I have done plenty of travelling in my day and I really enjoy it! If anything, I guess I could say I have Travelling as one of my obsessions! In the last few years or so, I have visited all of these places!

  • Spain
  • Isle of Man
  • Tenerife
  • France
  • America
  • Belgium
  • Holland
  • Italy
  • Japan (Coming Soon) 

Everyday stuff can stress me out when it comes from getting from A to B, a plenty but the added stress of going away on holiday can triple that…we’ve all been to an airport and had to be careful with how much is in our luggage, putting various items into a plastic bag for security reasons and sometimes buying ridiculous items for a crazy price at the Airport! Not to mention the hours your sat about waiting to just set off! Only so long that arcade will keep you entertained with the limited change you have because the rest of your money has been turned into another currency!


With my Autism, I feel like I can be quite picky about what I do and see when on holiday…if I don’t like something, I tend to let people know about it which can be annoying sometimes but I think it’s my nerves taking over because I’m in another country I am not that familiar with, away from friends and family and only I can fend for myself while I am here! I’m backed into a wall and I have to fight so I feel a bit more edgier than usual.

The airport is the worse because…I can’t just sit about and do nothing whilst we wait and you HAVE to be there at least 3 hours before your flight departs, you don’t have a choice so either find something to do or be prepared for a very boring wait…I usually have a meal and look about shops for a bit until it’s time to go down to your gate. Another thing is all the security checks you have to go through…nothing feels good about a holiday than feeling like I’m in a prison before I board the plane


For some, the experience of going on holiday can be more of a nightmare than a fun time, the stress of it all can be to much for some and that’s understandable because not only do you have to make sure you have everything, you have to not lose it in the new place you have gone to…that and your in a new place…if you have never been here before, you might start missing home because so much is different here, it doesn’t look, smell or resemble much to what your used to…for some, it doesn’t phase them at all, they can just get straight into their holiday like it’s nothing and head to the nearest water park or beach and relax but for some, it takes time to be able to get into that mindset. I for one can sometimes take a day or two until I feel comfortable to do that.

If you have survived all of that, which is the

  • Booking
  • Packing
  • Airport
  • Travelling
  • Unpacking
  • Feeling Homesick

Your good to go, you can go and enjoy the new land you have arrived in and explore the wonders it holds! Create lifelong memories and come back with a wider feel for the world, you have just explored a part of it and have do so many things…much better than staying in the hotel room all day, right? Unless you prefer that! I always say make the most of things and enjoy it all but if it’s too much for you than don’t force yourself!

When I went to Tenerife and Italy, I felt homesick immediately, I missed my home, England a great deal…even though I can spend so much time complaining about it…home is home and you always feel safe at home! Even if it rains there a lot but I digress! I would always get over it and really enjoy my holidays, yet I always feel that an awful lot of time is wasted on worrying about everything when I should be making the most of where I am!  Anyone else worry too much when they go on holiday?


I am going to Japan this Summer and I can’t wait to go and see everything that the Land Of The Rising Sun has to offer! Yet, I know getting ready to go will stress me to no end! All of the preparation along side my wedding will really do me in! I wonder if my brain will have fried by the end of it all, when I get to relax and calm myself…It’s a good few weeks of constant action and moving about…looks like a challenge for me to overcome, should be quite the experience! I do panic that I will get homesick when I arrive…either that or I just spend half a day in the air when I’m scared of heights…bored with nothing to do on the flight and annoyed because the in-flight meal was terrible! I’m so glad I like Ramen, Sushi and other meals Japan is known for! I won’t starve over there!

I’m sure it will be a fantastic holiday and all will go according to plan but I have a lot to do before I go out there! I prefer to start planning now than later in the year when I don’t have much time to do so! That would just add more stress to me and I don’t need that! Better to be prepared and ready than rush about and miss something closer to the time! That’s just how I am though, what about you?

Better start learning some Japanese!



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