Today, I discuss 5 Current Goals happening in my life as I speak, I do have 5 to tell you about and here they are! I hope You Enjoy!


  1. My Wedding– I am getting married in August of this year and I can’t wait to marry the love of my life, a woman I respect and look up to, a woman I truly love and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with! She is an amazing woman and we are very excited for our big wedding day this August! It will be the best day of my life, the proudest as well because my Fiance is my soul mate and nothing would make me happier than spending the rest of my life with her!
  2. My Honeymoon– As well as a wedding, we also have a Honeymoon to look forward to as well, and we have chosen the Land Of The Rising Sun, Japan! Why Japan? Well to be honest, we didn’t really want to go somewhere typical like Hawaii or the Maldives so we had a look about and saw that Japan looked really interesting and cultural, it was really far away and we both had interests there that we could explore and see so it made sense, expensive but worth it for a ‘Once In A Lifetime Trip!’  I am so excited to go and see Tokyo, Kyoto and other places as well, eat Japanese Cuisine, Ride a Bullet Train and go to a Bath house! Also, buy plenty of merchandise!
  3. My Stag Do– Oh boy, I have to also sort out a Stag Do for me and my groomsmen as well…I’m actually terrified about this one because we want to go to Tenerife and I know that they are up to something…something I have no idea about and will do to me once we are there….whether that be challenges for me to do or something else, I have no idea and whether I should feel scared or excited about this one?! I love Tenerife and it’s beaches, water parks and weather but will I have a good time or will I end up tied to a lamp post somewhere?
  4. My Grandmothers 85th Birthday– My Grandma turns 85 soon and we are having a big family get together for her…it’s a big event for me and my family and it has taken up a lot of time. She has always been a part of my life and been so kind so it’s great to celebrate this occasion with her and I hope she is able to come to my Wedding later in the year as well! I aim to make it a special occasion.
  5. Writing– To finish off today, I am always writing stuff, whether it be blogs, poems or ideas for stories, I am always writing something and I love every single minute of it! It’s always fun to create new worlds and ideas every single day, hopefully to share with everyone one day, it’s a dream of mine to become an Author someday and share my tales with everyone…one can dream, right? Only one way to make that happen and that is to work at it all the time and never ever give up!

Well there you go, that was Day 8, I hope you enjoyed my 5 Current Goals. Tomorrow is Day 9 and I have to talk about…what is in my Bag/Wallet…Oh boy…sounds fun.

Have a Good Day!

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