Hello and welcome, this is a short list of some foods I will be aiming to eat whilst I am in Japan this year. While I found tons of strange foods that my brain can’t get around, I will only list a few that looked really peculiar to me because I feel like I will be so confused when trying these…well most of them anyway, one or two I should be fine with and one I’m afraid to get addicted to!

Here they are…If you’ve ever had any of these, feel free to write your opinions on them in the comment section bellow!

Tamagogani-Dried-Crabs.jpgDried Baby Crabs


Lemonade, Curry Flavour



Horse Flavored Ice Cream


pepsi-flavored-cheetos.jpgPepsi Cheetos

kansai-and-hiroshima-020.jpgOctopus Ice Cream

415200fd40b9968a4f9d1b338ab241cd.jpgYogurt Pepsi


Wasabi Kit Kat



Pancake Drink


Grilled Corn Kit Kat



Sausage and Beer Doritos

There you go, now why cant we have intresting foods like this in Britain? I’d love some Yoghurt Pepsi!

What about you?

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