Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp vs Arsene Wenger…the maniac! Anfield is the venue as Arsenal travels up North to take on some tough opposition  in Liverpool…now I am an Arsenal fan but I love Jurgen Klopp, the guy is so entertaining and a good manager but he is the manager of Liverpool, quite the team that we always take seriously

Arsenal has been on quite a lucky role as of late and I mean we got lucky against Newcastle! Can we be so lucky against a team that is slowly getting there but remember, they beat City not so long ago, don’t underestimate them…that and we have lost to a few teams we assumed we’d walk all over recently as well so who knows what Liverpool will do…please play Benteke!

Part of me is unsure about Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge…what use is a player who will play a couple of games, then be injured for a month or so? Still more useful than Benteke though, I mean…he couldn’t score against Exeter! No disrespect to any Exeter fans but £32.5 million! Albeit…it was Brendan Rodgers that bought him! If Liverpool lose tonight then I wouldn’t be worried, Klopp needs time and Liverpool fans have to stick by him, things won’t change over night or this season even, next season will be a better one for you guys!

Arsenal can beat Liverpool, we know that but we also know that Liverpool can beat Arsenal as well…normally, this game is a very good one…I feel bad for us all because if your watching the game later, we all have to put up with Michael Owen’s commentary…we all know how much he’ll praise Liverpool which is understandable….just save us from those quotes he always does every game! Makes me wish I didn’t get BT Sport! Regardless, I really hope this is a high scoring game but with Arsenal winning although after that, Jurgen Klopp can get Liverpool up the table! I don’t think they’ll get top 4 this time round though! Don’t run before you can walk Liverpool, give it time!

When you think about it, Arsenal and Liverpool have a bit in common this season! Both squads are depleted because of injuries! It’d be amazing if by the end of the match, neither squad had any new injury worries!

I will guess that our squad will be these 11 players!- Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Campbell, Walcott, Giroud.

My prediction will be Arsenal 3 Liverpool 0 From what I see, Christian Benteke is mis-firing and Liverpool’s defense is bad, I mean they needed to get a QPR player on an emergency loan, you can’t help but think that Ozil and Giroud aren’t a little bit excited tonight! Both squads have significant injuries but Liverpool just seem to be…cursed at the moment for getting injuries…but then again, we know all about that, don’t we Arsenal? but Ozil, Giroud and pretty much all of Arsenal are on a roll and I don’t see Liverpool being able to stop that but Liverpool will not be discouraged as they have a more important game for this weekend, Jurgen Klopp’s first game against Manchester United as Liverpool Manager. Anyway, maybe I’m being harsh on Liverpool ,they still have players that can hurt us but I’m just not scared of Christian Benteke…I’d be more worried about Danny Ings and certainly Sturridge but Benteke…can’t believe they spent all that money on him, I’d say that Villa are laughing their way to the bank but….



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