Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this blog is to discuss a matter that has been around for many years now and that is, the hatred that Stoke City fans have for Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey. It has been 6 years since the incident of which we are speaking and why is it still going on?

On the 27th of February 2010, Aaron Ramsey broke his leg in a horrific tackle by Ryan Shawcross, Stoke defender and missed a considerable amount of football, now you might fail to understand why Stoke fans would hate a man who had his leg broken by one of their players?

Personally, I don’t think it was on purpose but that’s because I just don’t think anyone would break another player’s leg for personal gain…Stoke are accused of being rough and not actually playing decent football, well up to this season anyway! I mean the way Shawcross went into the tackle, some might think it was on purpose, I mean the speed he went in, it’s no wonder Ramsey’s leg broke but the concern on Shawcross just makes me think it was a moment of madness and Shawcross didn’t intend on breaking his leg and this is an Arsenal fan saying this!

What reason do they possibly have to boo Aaron Ramsey though? When it was Shawcross that broke his leg and took part of his career away, so why the need for the boos?

Well by what is rumoured about this incident, two things come to mind

  1. Arsene Wenger accuses Ryan Shawcross of breaking Ramsey’s leg on purpose
  2. Aaron Ramsey apparently refuses to forgive Shawcross

Understandably, it may be tricky to forgive someone for breaking your leg, especially if you think they did it on purpose! If both of these facts are true than they clearly believe that the tackle was intended to severely hurt Ramsey and of course, Stoke fans stand by their player who says it was accidental. Watch the video bellow and decide for yourself 

An apparent minute silence is held by Stoke fans in the 67th minute of games between the two sides because that’s when the tackle happened but would they really do that? Well…look at this


Aaron Ramsey scored against Stoke in 2014 and told the Stoke fans to shush during the celebration, so let’s just say that this animosity towards the Arsenal player won’t go away any time soon! Not to say that every Stoke fan does this, like every team, they all have a set of fans that take things way too far.

However, despite the rivalry between Stoke and Arsenal because of this, let’s not forget about the game itself and not let what I think was an accident dominate all future games between the two clubs! No petty insults or rubbing it in fans faces anymore!

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