Last time, we drew 3-3 with Liverpool and we didn’t deserve to win in the end, they were the better team but I’ll happily take a point from that game! Today is a new day and we play Stoke at the Britannia Stadium! I always get nervous when we play Stoke or should I say Stokealona! They are very good, a team to be feared today! A great team indeed!


We can win this game if we turn up at play our very best but as we know, our away form isn’t always the best…we can be quite bad sometimes and this isn’t the best play to not completely turn up to! If we aren’t at our best, we’ll either scrape a draw or lose! We have a new signing who may be a part of this game today, Mohamad Elneny! Welcome to Arsenal!

I will go for an Arsenal win….2-1! We don’t have Sanchez back yet or do we? He could make an appearance but personally, I don’t want to rush him back in straight away, maybe a late appearance just to stretch his legs or something if possible! If we do it right, we can leave with 3 points today! We need a win to return to the top of the table or risk falling behind to Manchester City and Leicester City!


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