Today is Day 17 and I am to write about what my favourite blogs are and why, well this shouldn’t take long to write! You’ll see why bellow.

My favourite blogs…I can’t really say that I have a favourite blog to speak of really, I enjoy each and every blog that I come across in some way, they are all unique in their all way and enjoyable to read really. Although, saying that….I love coming across Football blogs, Anime Blogs, Travel Blogs, Blogs about Autism and WWE Blogs but will read any blog really…a blog is a blog and everyone has something to say so I will always read, I might not always comment but I will always read!

Who knows, that may change in the future, I may find new blogs that become my favorites and ones that I wait in anticipation for the next release! That would be cool.

Tomorrow I have to post a photograph of myself….sounds fun, see you then

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