Just minding my own business as you do, playing Skyrim on my PC when all of a sudden, out of the blue, the house descends into utter darkness, all power gone…just like that…couldn’t see a thing! First thing I do is make sure that Emma is alright which she was but we couldn’t see each other, only hear…a strange feeling, not being able to see another person when they are right in front of you!


The picture isn’t meant to be blank like it is…it’s was taken when I was stood in my hallway! I was looking at my front door and I can’t see a thing, can you? The reason it was so dark was simple, our house wasn’t the only one that had lost power…every house in the neighborhood and in fact, most of the town had lost power, it was crazy! Using phones and torches for light, we would go and check on our neighbors, many of them are elderly so we needed to make sure they hadn’t fallen or were stuck, thankfully…all were alright!

Never seen so many candles brought out and used in such a long time, like going back to the 90’s when I last remember seeing such a thing! Yet everyone’s houses were lit up with candlelight as others were wandering the streets, trying to make sense of what had just happened, no one saw it coming but then again, a power outage is usually like that!  I used to read stuff about one day in the future, a massive power outage would actually happen and would last for a long time, well for me an hour was more than enough! weeks or even months…people would freak out beyond normality and life itself would be dramatically changed, if electricity is taken away…I mean the majority of household items are electrical…unless you have a gas cooker, that is!

I’m just glad the power came back on! Thankfully! Scary though…Have a good night!

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