This is the big one today Arsenal and Chelsea fans! Arsenal vs Chelsea at the Emirates, kick off at 4pm and it’s a must win for both sides! both sides have a heated rivalry, that’s for sure, has it slightly cooled off because Mourinho is no longer at Chelsea’s helm? The biggest talking point on recent games between the two clubs has been Wenger vs Mourinho but no more! We all remember this moment from the last game at Stamford Bridge earlier this season!


Gabriel vs Costa, is it time for round two today? Who knows but lets hope Costa doesn’t go off on one again and cause controversy, won’t do Chelsea much if he does! Chelsea are last season’s Premier League champions but that was last season, they are a former shell of themselves and for Arsenal, now is the best time to get revenge and defeat them today which is a big possibility, indeed!

I love these games, the passion from fans and the rivalry between both clubs is always obvious and clear, it makes it all the more exciting, players react to that and it can determine actions. Hopefully, regardless of the result today, both teams put everything they have into this match and make it a special one, make it more than Wenger vs Mourinho because lately, that’s all the match had become about but now it has a chance to be something else altogether!

I am going for an Arsenal win today, the way both teams have done, Arsenal just look more confident! And with rumors and talk of a Chelsea Exodus…who knows what will happen with them. Arsenal want to win the league and with Manchester City being held by West Ham and Leicester winning on Saturday, a win is a must, Chelsea need to be in the top half of the table! Arsenal have shown that they are up to task and with returns of injured players, the squad is slowly becoming stronger, united as a team, it all looks good but whether they actually produce on the pitch, remains to be seen but please, don’t let today’s game be as boring the last time they faced off at the Emirates, no 0-0 please!

2-1 to Arsenal for me, with the possibility of Sanchez making his long awaited return as he is on the bench today, Arsenal look great, brilliant in fact and Cech is the missing piece that Arsenal has needed for so long now, funny how it came from Chelsea of all places! but not for a single second am I ruling out Chelsea, that would be a foolish thing to do, they can just as easily dominate us and get the 3 points, they have been on a bit of a role recently so who knows? Both want to win so badly, it’ll probably be a draw! If I had to choose, I will go for an Arsenal victory in their yard, if it was at Stamford Bridge I would say Chelsea…for psychological reasons…Arsenal just seem to struggle at that ground


                     Here are the teams for Today, starting off with Chelsea                                                             chelsea.img

  13 Courtois

02 Ivanovic

05 Zouma

26 Terry

28 Azpilicueta

12 Mikel

21 Matic

22 Willian

04 Fàbregas

08 Oscar

19 Diego Costa

And here is the Arsenal team for the game


33 Cech

24 Bellerín

04 Mertesacker

06 Koscielny

18 Monreal

20 Flamini

16 Ramsey

28 Campbell

11 Özil

14 Walcott

12 Giroud


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