I haven’t done one of these for a while! it’s 2016 and January is almost over already? WTF?! I always thought time would slow down as you got older, not the other way round! Why do I feel like my life is on fast forward, months are slowly feeling like one week! Alarming but you notice it the more you age??? Why, that sounds so cruel to everyone who is over 20 yet your time through school is slow as hell!

One thing I have noticed about myself is how it takes so much for me to feel tired, in fact the only time I feel really tired is when I’m bored! True story, if I’m bored I feel really tired but if I’m not, I could probably stay up all night and it wouldn’t really affect me at all, weird!

In the last day I have only had 4 hours worth of sleep, crazy I know but what can I do? I feel wide awake still…no idea how, adrenaline…maybe….too much coffee…am I just going to collapse and sleep at the keyboard at any minute, I have no idea! I have Eminem on at full blast and Micheal Jackson songs, that might be keeping me awake, that and I went for a 6 mile jog today as well, I just always have so much energy, it’s crazy!

My fiance is always jealous that when we go to bed, I can be wide awake and talk for ages afterwards while she can barely keep her eyes open…bad luck for me as she said since I’m always the more awake one, when we have kids…I’ll be sitting up with them at night a little bit more…yey!

I however doubt this has anything to do with my Autism! Tons of energy…come on! Unless someone tells me that it can be related to Autism in some sort of way, I’ll just assume it’s something else but when I stay wide awake, so many thoughts run through my mind….never stopping…never a quiet moment, what is quiet anyway…never heard of it!

Having so much energy all the time, it’s normal for me but I often get asked how i can have so much energy and not get tired and I don’t know…I just have done for a long time now…I mean I’m a speed walker…I always speed about everywhere I go and my fiance often loses me when we go to a shopping center, I hate standing still…I get bored very quickly if I have to stay still for so long, unless it’s for something important then I’m ok but if it’s for something small then I’m off for a wander, to explore and see many more things but staying still…boring!

I don’t want to just sot down and watch TV all day as well, if I could I’d always go and do something fun every day…climb a mountain or something because it’s a challenge….maybe my obsession is having a challenge to accomplish? I hate quiet…even though talking for long periods of time scares me as well , oh the bloody irony!

I just want to have fun and enjoy life! Nothing wrong with that but always be friendly, polite and kind to all! That’s just who I am….a worry wort who will always be polite, no matter what.

Have a Good One!

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