What makes me sad? Difficult to say really because I’m usually way more happy than sad so this is a bit trickier to answer than the Day 20 Blog which is all about what makes me happy! Let’s see…well Arsenal losing can be one, that’s normal because no one enjoys their team losing! It doesn’t make me sad sad…I guess more disappointed than sad! Anything bad happening to my fiance…I love her so much that the thought of anything serious happening to her makes me sad and worried!

My Autism in a sense makes me sad, well when it gets on top of me and gets too much, I can feel like crying sometimes…it helps me calm down if I cry just a little if things get too much, if my head overloads and I’m so worried about stuff, it’s a release of some sorts by feeling sad! Overthinking can be emotionally draining because it’s extremely rare if I’m not worried about something…I wonder what it’s like to go a week without a single worry?

Not a lot makes me sad really, just bad things that can happen in life and worrying too much mainly but apart from that…not a ton makes me feel sad.

Next time, we go to Day 22 which is me talking about my worst habits

Have a good day!


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