Hello and welcome to Day 22 of the 30 Day blogging challenge and it’s time to talk about my worst habits! Does Nail biting count? I tend to do that from time to time…even though I have Nail scissors and Nail clippers as well! I don’t know why I do it! It’s a force of habit and I often do it without thinking about it, I only notice when my fiance or mother points it out…no one else does! I think pretty much my worst habits are your typical things that many people do, bite the nails, I don’t really pick my nose….I often don’t shave as often as I probably should do and that’s get irritating.

I have the tendency to raise my voice without realising it and people think I’m shouting at them…I overthink everything which is bad for me…I tend to over do some things as well, I never know when enough is enough and I snore….according to my Fiance anyway!

So there you go, a quick summary of my Worst Habits! Next time I talk about Day 23 and what I would do if I won the Lottery! Sounds Fun!

Have a good night!


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