Let me just say that yes we lost to Chelsea and yes we are 3rd! Get over it and don’t let it distract us from this game!! We can’t fall apart and lose ground! A win has become more important than ever now! With Manchester City about to switch managers, now is the most crucial time to win the League than ever! With Pep Guardiola finally coming to the Premier League to manage Manchester City and with that mass fortune behind him…you can’t blame anyone from assuming that big names won’t soon follow!

We play Southampton tonight at the Emirates and no one should still be moaning about the loss to Chelsea two weeks ago, it happened, we lost, get over it! Today’s a new game that we can and need to win!  No negativity, we stick by the club through all the bad times or don’t bother cheering when we win the big ones! Charlie Austin scares me guys…that’s right! Look what he did to Manchester United, DON’T UNDERESTIMATE HIM! He could be the difference in an loss or a victory, Although, this might not mean much but I went to the Huddersfield Town vs QPR game earlier this season and Charlie Austin…didn’t impress me that much, apart from a couple of shots that were off target, he didn’t do much but that was in the Championship, this is the Premiership!  Sanchez is back, the squad is getting more injured players about to return, Debuchy has gone to France on loan so may he stop his whinging!

I am going for an Arsenal win tonight and we get back on track! True we lost to Chelsea but we put a good shift in and were a man down! Sanchez is back so let us be happy, we will come back, we always do! We beat Burnley although it was closer than I would have liked…so happy I got my predicted score correct! 2-1 I said and that’s what happened, BRING ON HULL! Tonight’s score though will be tough, if it were at Saint Mary’s I might go for a scrape draw or a Southampton win but since we are at home and momentum is returning, I will say 1-0 to Arsenal tonight, I will be hiding behind my hands during many Southampton attacks but I have faith in Cech, unlike Mertesacker! Sanchez or Giroud to0 get the winner and Southampton to impress us tonight! A close one indeed, I don’t expect a walk over at all!

Come on Arsenal!!

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