Hello everyone and welcome to this DailyPickMeUp blog! Today I talk about how it feels to feel alone and the different aspects of it, what I mean is, it can be bad to feel alone but not all the time, sometimes it can also be quite good and their are reasons for it which I’ll explain here, whether you agree or not is up to you of course!

In this world, their are over 7 billion people…hard to think that anyone could possibly be alone yet…you can be alone…very alone in fact! Hard to imagine but then again, you might not always notice someone that is alone…I mean if a person doesn’t talk, do they make a sound? If you have no one to talk to, do you make a sound?

The number 7 billion people yet you can get so many people that have no friends or even family anywhere and this can be for many reasons really but I just can’ imagine anyone going through an entire day without talking to another person, not one person so are they just silent all day? That’s a horrible thought but it happens!


Truly, you can be alone in a large crowd of people! I tried it once, I walked through a huge crowd of people…didn’t speak to a single person or no one tried to speak to me…funny how that can happen really. I’ll admit I didn’t try to speak…I got nervous, I often do!

I have felt truly alone at a stage in my life, when I was diagnosed with Autism and even a year or so before that, I had little to no friends and I was made out to be a joke…because I didn’t talk a lot, I was the quiet child that was nervous and shy…so I was an easy target, this went on for nearly five years and it is truly horrible to feel…like an empty shell, to be someone that no one wants to know…true I wasn’t that confident in myself as I am today and believe me, it would never happen again!

I’m not alone anymore, I have friends family and a lovely fiance who I will spend my life with but I remember how it felt to not have any friends to hang out with, to be made fun out of by other people and to sit in absolute silence for days at a time and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone because no one deserves such solitude, such silence…horrible. For me, it was the worst…the fact that I spent up to 5 years like this…being made to feel so low and hate myself somewhat and for what? Because I struggle to talk to people for long periods of time? Is that fair? Not really but I couldn’t just let other people fight my battles for me, I hate that…I appreciate it, don’t get me wrong but I would always prefer to sort out my problems myself, always have and always will!


The only time I like to really be alone now is when I need to calm down or when I go for a long walk or jog, apart from that, I love to have company!

No one deserves to be alone, to be made like they are not allowed to have friends yet it happens every single day, their will be children, adults and elderly people all over the planet right now that don’t have a single friend! They’ll be eating lunch alone, not talking to anyone and that sucks, big time! As humans, we don’t like to look at it like that…if someone you might know appears to be by themselves, some would rather try to avoid the situation either because it has

  • Nothing to do with them
  • Or it would just be too awkward

I have noticed before and this isn’t a statement for everyone, just an observation but some people would prefer to not talk to the one person they know that has no friends because the responsibility falls onto them to not be nasty or they just don’t know what to say! When I was in school, you see kids by themselves, looking awkward and being bullied by people in groups because lord knows anyone that has the guts to call someone a name and not have like three of his friends behind them…and I refer that to anyone not cyber bullying! Have you ever noticed how different people act when they are by themselves rather when they are in a big group?

However, some people prefer to be alone! You will often find someone who prefers their own company to ones of others and I’ll admit that I don’t always understand that because of my own preferences that it’s nice to spend time with friends, family and my fiance but I do have Autism and that with Socializing…you know the story but I admit at some times, I do prefer my own company to being around others for so long so I can cool off and relax, I never feel pressured when I’m by myself! Yet I couldn’t do that all the time…just not for me.

Did I ever want to be alone growing up? Of course not, I always wanted friends but I was too nice and never saw people taking advantage of me, eventually I became a joke because I tried to see the niceness in everyone and it cost me big time, a group of lads took advantage and well…I was alone for a while after that but the past is the past and I’ve worked hard to be as confident as I am today. I was sick and tired of being made to feel like I didn’t matter when I knew I did…I didn’t care that I had Autism and couldn’t have a say in what I could do and couldn’t do…I took the option and ran with it, screw what everyone else thinks, what do they know? Most of them had no idea what Autism bloody was anyway! Yet I let them make decisions for me because I didn’t believe in myself, NEVER AGAIN! No one will make a decision for me like that ever again!

I will always try to be kind and talk to everyone, that’s how I am…I’m nice, I don’t care if people say I’m too nice sometimes…why change yourself because some people have a silly issue, they don’t control me or tell me how to live my life! Only my family, friends or fiance can give me a proper opinion that I would take on board because I know they care about me and look out for me and if someone I don’t know tries to give me advice…well it depends really, If I agree then fair enough but if I don’t, jog on…simple as that!

So there you go people, it’s not great to feel alone but some people do like it which is alright as well. Everyone has a reason to want to be alone sometimes but some are alone all the time and that’s sad…that’s my opinion about it all anyway.

Have a good day!

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