Hello everyone and welcome! This blog is about one question, one I have thought about for a bit and wondered…How Was Aspergers Ever Discovered In The First Place? How was it that one day, someone just went…bit weird that Barry doesn’t have a single friend at all, don’t you think.  Warning, this isn’t a serious discussion, these thoughts of mine aren’t what I think seriously, a wonder is a wonder…doesn’t make it fact!

How did they discover Aspergers in the first place? What I mean by that is…how did they come to a conclusion that someone that often struggles socially has something wrong with them in a sense? Granted that I have not done any research as of yet into the history of Autism but I do often wonder just how one day, someone would notice that because some people might struggle to form friendships and have obsessions that they might have something, would loved to have seen that conversation occur!

Silly theory but did he for an experiment ask four boys to try to talk to a group of girls, they got too nervous and used that as a part of his studies…highly doubt it!

Barry- ‘Hey Han, what are you doing?’

Hans- ‘Studying Barry!’

Barry- ‘Studying what?’ 

Hans-‘These four boys behaviour?’

Barry- ‘What for?’

Hans- ‘Well, they didn’t laugh at a single one of my jokes, nor did they care about my studies, all they could talk about is what they liked and they wouldn’t even talk to each other..it all felt rather awkward’

Barry- ‘What does that tell you?’ 

Hans- ‘I don’t know but I feel like I’m onto something major here!’

”Asperger identified in four boys a pattern of behavior and abilities that included “a lack of empathy, little ability to form friendships, one-sided conversations, intense absorption in a special interest, and clumsy movements”

I don’t know, I’m just being silly here! I mean I could easily do some research into this and find out everything that I need to because it would be really interesting to find it all out but when you don’t know in great detail the full history of it all, it can be fun to guess and speculate!

How did it first ever come up? I mean, no one seemed to have really looked that deeply into it before hand? I’m not trying to question anything, it’s just interesting how anything really starts, it’s proper origins and all that because for me, Autism is a strange one for it’s origins…considering what it actually is. Not being very social…of course I am more than likely just being silly here..I mean there is FAR more to Autism than just being very quiet and only talking about what ‘I’ like to everyone I meet! It’s just that their is so much that it would take an age to list it all, how was someone able to research all of that…must have taken an age!

Me, I am often quiet, struggle to make friends and used to talk to myself…while most people would just assume I’m anti social or weird, one man was able to see something else, Hans Asperger! I don’t get it really, just because someone struggles to make friends and might talk to themselves…but then again…it’s better than what mankind once did with people they didn’t always understand…Bedlam!

In all seriousness, Hans was a brilliant man and if it wasn’t for him, who knows if Autism would have ever been discovered and even if it had been, it would more than likely been called something else entirely! Need to go and look in some books about this and…study…Have a good night people!

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