Everton have a 2-1 lead over City going into this game which is good but the question is whether they can hang on and make it to the final. That would be really cool, more exciting than if it was Manchester City vs Liverpool…no offence but how often down we get the chance to see a final like this? Not very often!

Arsenal vs Spurs

Manchester United vs Manchester City 

Liverpool vs Everton 

That kind of final is unmissable as far as I’m concerned, it’s personal and it’s to win a trophy by beating your closest neighbour, the most satisfying kind of victory and if we could have Liverpool vs Everton in the Capital One Cup Final then that would be awesome!

I want to go with Everton tonight to hold on and go to the Final, because it would be cool to see a Everton vs Liverpool final at Wembley, I think the atmosphere would be that more intense if it was Everton rather than City that made it to the Final! City are focusing on the League so if they were to not make it to the Final tonight…I don’t know if many fans would be that bothered, many might be but not all…I mean for them, a bigger couple of prizes could be available to win but for Everton, this could mean so much more, to win some silverware by beating Liverpool in a final!

So either 0-0 or a 1-0 win for Everton for me!

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