Derby vs Man U…this is going to be an interesting one because from what I can see…a small group of Man U fans actually want them to lose tonight, the team that they support! Do they hate Van Gaal that much?! 

Premier League vs Championship…you’d assume that Man U will win easily, right? Well you’d be wrong, especially if you have seen them play the last couple of months…often booed by their own fans…it’s not good…so much that Derby Manager Paul Clement has reportedly said that “Beating Manchester United would not be much of a giant killing!” Ouch!! 

Surely Man U can’t lose…right? I know they haven’t been fantastic lately but come on, even they can’t throw this game away but even if Man U do win…Van Gaal may just be on borrowed time…I mean if fans have their way anyway…who knows what will happen but it should be interesting! 

Il be crazy and say 1-0 win for Derby! Why not?!

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