Hi there, it’s weird, you may be told that because you have something like Autism like life is going to become harder, that you are unable to do simple things that every e else is able to do! It’s frustrating because you know that you can do just what anyone else can if you try and never give up trying your very best every single time!

I always have hopes and ambitions to achieve and accomplish, I mean why not? I never believe that having Autism stops me from doing a single thing! Such as

  • Jobs
  • Relationships 
  • Marriage
  • Friends
  • Confidence

True I get nervous and can be quiet at times but the truth is I am very happy with my life and I have come a long way to get where I am. One point in my life, I saw no point in life, it didn’t offer me much and I didn’t want to express any feelings because what would it have done?

I do my very best to be happy, I go out there and try to achieve my dreams in this life! To be happy and enjoy every single moment of it! And I am doing! I have friends and a wonderful family as well as my soulmate so for me, having Autism doesn’t put a single damper onto my daily life…apart from over worrying about general stuff but I always overcome and move on from them! 

Hope you enjoyed!

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