Hello everyone and welcome to Asperwhat36?! and today, it focuses on someone with Autism being in charge of something, now this could be anything from something at your job to say…washing the dishes! Hope you enjoy!

Being in charge, what could I possibly mean by that, well when you feel like others treat you like a child because of your Autism and that you probably won’t amount to much in this life, it’s a bit of a surprise when you are in fact in charge of something, shock…horror! This is the feeling I generally get when this happens, when I happen to be in charge of something…others seem to be somewhat uneasy, unless they really know me than it’s fine, otherwise uncertainty is about!

Today for example, my fiance became quite ill…well she became ill yesterday but she had to miss work and not leave the house today…with her unable to talk because her throat was that sore she she has been communicating with me via text messages all day! It has been my job to keep the house clean and tidy all day which we normally do together but since she is ill, it is all down to me to do it! I don’t mind at all but I just don’t like little comments like, are you sure you didn’t have any help when something like this comes up, really makes my blood boil because It’s like everyone assumes if left to my own devices, I would struggle and that is obviously solely based on the fact that I have Autism!

Before you say anything, that isn’t an assumption…people have in fact told me in conversations in the past that they assumed people with Autism always need help to do the most basic of things and that makes me slightly annoyed because they have no evidence to back this statement up, they just hear something called Autism and assume it means ‘special’ I mean I had help in school…not that I wanted it or anything but that doesn’t mean that I have everything done for me day in and day out…but no matter how many times I explain this to people, some just don’t get it, it doesn’t register with them so I just move on from it because it isn’t worth it! i’d rather blog about it instead because I can…by myself!

True, that kind of talk has decreased dramatically over the years, with me proving that I am more than capable of achieving and doing what anyone else can do but the odd whisper still floats about sadly BUT if your going to say things like that just I have Autism than please at least understand what Autism is! Then I might take what you say seriously, otherwise…your opinion just goes over my head and into nothingness like it bloody well should in the first place…I know what I am capable of, what I can achieve and what I can improve on…I don’t need anyone trying to tell me to not even bother because they saw the word ‘Aspergers’ somewhere and claim to be an expert about it….I truly believe that the only true experts of Autism is anyone who actually has it…otherwise you can only speculate at best!

Maybe I’m jumping the gun, I’m sure many people do agree that just because you have Autism doesn’t limit you form doing the most basic of things and even so, many other people that don’t ave Autism or in fact…any thing can struggle to do these things as well which makes me scratch my head so much as to why some like to assume that having a label means you can’t when in fact, I could probably do it better than you!

Good day!

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