Hey guys, it’s your DailyPickMeUp and today, this Asperwhat?! blog talks about all the negatives that seem to travel alongside Autism, although I personally have no idea why they do, they seem to be chained to our legs and they don’t seem to want to let go of us! Wherever you go to read up on Autism, you will find that we are not that sociable…apparently, I can be social…I just choose to have a bit of time to myself as well! ha ha seriously though, I can be quite social, it just scares me from time to time

  • Not being able to socialise
  • Needing help with just about everything
  • Communication Difficulties
  • Over The Top Emotions
  • Unable To Take A Joke
  • Many More

Isn’t it much better to live with a more positive attitude? I mean bad things are going to happen to you during your life…you can’t really avoid it sadly and I know that some people like to blame NT’S for these and to be fair, I have done this before in the past due to me not being able to make any decisions about my life up to the age of 16 so yeah, I may be a tad bitter about that…mainly because no one who knew me had any idea what the hell Autism was! What chance did I have then? Anyway, I stopped curling up into a ball and feeling negative about everything bad that happened in life a long time ago, I just felt…what was the point? Having Autism doesn’t make me the only flipping person on Planet Earth to have something bad happen to him…it happens to EVERYONE! We all have bad days and good days, it’s how we deal with it that makes us all different!

I tend to look at what happened and try to prevent myself from making the same mistake more than once, making me grow as a person in the process! Once I would blame everyone else but I like to think that I have grown enough as a person to not feel like I need to do that anymore, I am more than capable of admitting to mistakes I make and I feel more confident as a person for being able to do that! I still go online and see many feeling down about life an venting their frustrations out for the world to see and I might be slain for this by some for pointing that out but I think it’s a good thing to point out that looking at things in a more positive light is surely better than always looking at it in a negative way!

True, I need to in fact stop doing that myself because I still do sometimes, I can easily admit to that because I know I do, I’m fully aware before someone else points that out thinking that they are clever! Newsflash…your not! Not intended to insult any one by saying that and maybe I jumped the gun slightly but wouldn’t it be cool if we had more success stories posted online regarding Autism?

Although, I can understand why the word ‘negativity’ is used when it comes to Autism sometimes because I hate struggling to be social sometimes or not getting jokes or reading peoples facial expressions or taking everything more seriously than I actually should do! I could go on people, point is…I would probably be less stressed and more relaxed if I didn’t take everything so seriously all the time and released that if I was more calm, things might turn out a bit better…only one way to find out though.

You cannot bash every single person with Autism with these negative things though because many are great being social and they can get jokes etc They live perfectly normal lives and no one would even know that they had Autism but with others, it would be more obvious but even so, isn’t it sometimes good to have both positive and negative stories on here? Think about it…how much more would we appreciate the positives if we had to deal with the negatives first…I mean one cannot exist without the other! So yes spread the positives but never take away the negatives either but don’t let either dominate either, I think a nice moderation is best, a mixture of both? It helps you appreciate, understand what people with Autism go through because yes, it would be fantastic if all we ever heard was stories of people achieving great feats but in reality, it just isn’t always like that and we know that, who are we fooling?

People will have good experiences regarding Autism but bad ones will happen as well and we need to hear all sides of it to fully understand and share with everyone! I am no expert with all sides of Autism or even my own, I still have so much to learn about myself…I know what it is like to have what I have but I have met others who have a higher case of Autism than me and whilst I’ll admit I found it quite tricky, the lessons I learnt made me feel more confident and I am always eager to learn more, the bad and good, both which we need.

Me, I am a realist, always have been…I don’t believe in decorating something up to make it seem better to everyone else, I’ll tell you I have Autism and not give two shits what your response is and why should I? Do you want me to feel ashamed for what I have? If something negative has happened, I won’t dress it up to make it not seem that bad nor if something good has happened will I make it seem like the greatest thing in the world either, it is what it is, that’s life! If you don’t like that then what do you want me to do? Are you going to go and say that this guy spreads nothing but negativity because he dares mention bad things that happen to quite a few people with Autism? Are you ashamed or something, it happens, stop denying it ever exists, a lot of people struggle to make friends, doesn’t mean that’s how it will always be?! The world just doesn’t work where only good or only bad dominates people, it needs both! With Autism and pretty much everything, a good and bad exists and always will, some will be better off than others but I will admit that a bit more good stories need to be had and shared! It would be great to see a few more positive stories

Just remember that these are my views only, I do not speak for everyone with Autism nor claim to!re

Have a good day


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