I…I have no words to say guys…we have blown everything recently and the most annoying part is Wenger not really showing it getting to him that much, it’s like it doesn’t matter when it should because this is the best chance we have had in years, yet Spurs are now above us, something that we need to change and soon before we become a laughing stock for falling away and not buying anyone once again! I would have taken Charlie Austin for 4 million! Because Giroud seems to have switched off yet again and to be honest, I’d feel safer with Charlie Austin than Daniel Sturridge who will probably be injured in the next fortnight or something like that!

I bet many are feeling like our Tittle challenge is long, dead and buried now, right? This guy seems to think so and he does have a bit of a point to be fair, it’s not like this is the first time this has ever happened to us!

Arsenal blew it against Southampton, that much is agreed upon…we should have won the match but a brilliant performance by the Southampton goalkeeper prevented that from happening! I don’t want to be negative because of course WE CAN still win the league, it isn’t impossible but we have to start winning first before anything like that can happen! Today can be a good start to that as we play Bournemouth this afternoon and a win today can help us catch up with Leicester, Spurs and Man City…the Top 4 just looks weird!

However, I am not confident completely that we can win because Bournemouth have been good and they have a new man, one that Arsenal fans should be familiar with! Benik Afobe! He has had a great start to his new career with Bournemouth and I wouldn’t be shocked if he scored today. Can we win, of course we can but we need to score goals, something we have stopped doing at a vital time?! Giroud and Walcott draw blanks and it’s annoying because they are the ones we need to rely on every game.

I will go for a 2-1 win for Arsenal today


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