I’m sure we all remember a video like this that appeared a while ago, one where someone with Aspergers shows the world just what it can really be like sometimes and I don’t know about you but It really touched me because yes it can be that hard sometimes and I don’t think everyone always understands that or they think we are just being over dramatic or attention seeking

And then a few days ago, I happen to come across this, be warned the cartoon in it is a little strange!

Wait, what? Are you kidding me, what happened? I read about it and it turns out either neighbours or Danielle herself alerted the police because they were afraid Danielle would take her own life, no idea how neighbours would have found this out or how they came to this conclusion, unless they had heard or saw something from Danielle, the police arrive and enter the home, allegedly, Danielle charges them with a knife, they shoot her…it just seems to well put together, I don’t know why but when you say it all out, it’s like everything just fits well into place but we will never really know what happened but I can’t help but wonder how the events happened.

Hang on, you think she is in danger of committing suicide so surely your job is to prevent that, right? Instead…you shoot her? Allegedly, Danielle tried to attack the police with a knife but I get a bit confused here and hold on, I live in Britain, not America and as far as I’m aware, you wouldn’t get shot in this situation by the Police so quickly, it just seemed to happen so fast for me, the fact that it didn’t take any time at all! and I’ll admit I’m not fully aware of how things work in America when it comes to the Police Force or if it’s different in each state but when you are supposed to prevent someone from killing themselves, you don’t end up killing them yourselves…couldn’t they just tasered her? Disarmed, tried to talk to her from outside the house? ANYTHING? Was shooting really the first option trained police officers had? Apparently, the Police were familiar with Danielle and this is the most confusing piece of all, if your familiar with someone then you should know how to properly handle the situation but It just seems like it was too easy of an option taken here, that’s all, I’m not trying to criticize or anything, it just seems a tragic conclusion to what happened really. I just think the decision to kill was made far too quickly is all.

R.I.P Danielle Jacobs

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