Hello everyone and welcome to the 40th Asperwhat?! Blog and this time, I talk about what it is like to struggle with basic tasks and just think of a task that you think should be simple and easy to do and use that. First off, we all can struggle with tasks, I don’t think a single one person in the world is great at everything, we all have things that we just plain suck at, it is what it is! However, I have a couple of things that I can sometimes struggle with and it’s not because I’m not good at it, I can do these things but sometimes…they just don’t click and what I mean by that is, I often will be asked to do something, not be quite sure on how to do it unless it is somewhat explained to me and then I’m fine, I do it easily and everything is fine, right? WRONG!

I for one just don’t like things being explained to me like that, like I’m some sort of child…makes my skin crawl to be spoken to like that or maybe it’s how I perceive what I’m being told? The fact that I’m annoyed that someone has to explain something to me is embarrassing in my eyes and it just annoys me to no end! And it’s with anyone, family, friends or anyone…I’ll get mad if they have to explain anything to me in detail because I don’t want them to feel that they have to!

Things that should really come as simple to everyone, yet for me sometimes…they just don’t and it can be quite frustrating because I hate something so simple to be pointed out to me, it makes me feel stupid sometimes because I know I should have been able to do it myself. When something doesn’t click when you know it should, it’s incredibly frustrating because I know I am capable, it’s just that sometimes when your asked to do a simple task and it doesn’t always click straight away unless someone explains it to you, I’m sorry but I have a lot of pride and if something like that happens to me, I take it very personally, not with anyone else but with myself!

Far too often has something like that happened to me when someone I know has had to explain something to me when I haven’t fully understood or I have done a task wrong and I can’t help but feel humiliated and it’s not like I enjoy feeling stuck on these kind of things but I just don’t like to feel humiliated in front of everyone, especially if what I was meant to be doing was easy, yet I still couldn’t do it without help…I had enough of that when I was a child, I refuse to have it rule my Adult life as well!

I know everyone can’t do EVERYTHING perfectly and I don’t see much of a point of beating myself up over not being very good at a few things, it makes me human after all but I can’t help but feel a bit ashamed if something that should be so simple is a struggle…but who knows maybe others struggle in things I am good at and this is blown out of proportions! This is the bad thing about trying to be a perfectionist all of the time, trying to please everyone so they don’t spot any flaws and use them to mock me or something along those lines or maybe it’s just all in my head, all of this feeling like I’m always being talked down to because if they do, it’s the same as failing in my eyes but that’s me! You might find it easier to get over such things or you might be worse than me and obsess like crazy over not doing well at something that would come natural to others

I guess all I can do is try, try and try again, never give up and always do my best, that’s all anyone can ask of me…I guess I just don’t like it when others patronise or explain things to me like they are so god damn easy that I should be able to do it blind folded! But then again, if we didn’t help one another out, then none of us would get very far in life, I just need to learn to swallow my pride sometimes and be the bigger man!

Have A Good Night

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