This one I have both heard about and thought about for as long as I have had Autism, it’s something that I don’t always like to think about because some might think it’s a touchy subject because of the tension it could bring but alas, I still see people write about it, ask questions online on threads, Facebook and such. It is an interesting question because a lot of people at least wonder it?

Just because you have Autism, does that mean you get on with everyone else that has Autism?

That’s a tough one because firstly you would think that you would be able to relate with someone that knows what it’s like to be shy in public quite often, prefer to be alone from time to time and what it’s like to go into meltdown mode sometimes. When you have gone through life with so many people just not getting you, you might just start to assume that not a lot of people will always…you, so when you think you have found someone that surely will, you automatically assume you will get along with that individual because they have what you have….even though you might not have anything else in common, hobby wise and with you both trying to talk about your interests and not being able to get a word in edge ways…it might get a little annoying, I don’t know!

I think an understanding is always there to be seen, I mean if you both have Autism you will understand whereas someone who doesn’t might not be able to at the same extent…for me, I feel that only a couple of people I know will somewhat get what it’s like to be me and have constant worries all the time and what it’s like to have an actual meltdown but the differences could make it difficult as well because as we all know, no one with Autism is the same, just because you both have it doesn’t mean your the same at all, you could be complete opposites!

Personally, I don’t think it makes a difference if the other person has Autism or not, if you like each other you do, if you don’t then you don’t! I get along with NT’S and people who have Autism and I don’t get along with some NT’S and some people with Autism. If your nice and give me a chance then we can be friends but it really doesn’t matter to me if you have Autism or not, you can still be a d***

Have A Good Night!


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