HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, the day we all spent with our other love in our lives before we spent it with our loved ones afterwards! This is a big, big game today as Arsenal face off against the biggest underdogs in Premier League history, Leicester City and I say that because…come on, who thought Leicester City would be 5 points clear at the top of the Premier League ever?!  1st vs 3rd with 2nd and 4th looking on as this game could pretty much decide whether Arsenal really can stay in the Tittle Picture or whether it becomes a 3 team race to the finish line because you can’t forget Spurs

Just imagine being a Leicester fan right now, your not thinking about playing Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool again next season, your thinking of possibly welcoming teams like PSG, Barcelona and Bayern Munich to the King Power Stadium and making history by winning the Premier League, something you will tell your families and friends about for decades to come, something that everyone will always remember and say ‘Hey, remember when Leicester City defied odds and won the Premier League?’ Just imagine if today, Leicester win and Manchester City lose or draw with Spurs?! if a draw happens, Spurs are on 49 and Man City 48 and if Leicester City beat Arsenal than they are on 56 so it would look like this if Leicester beat Arsenal and Spurs and City tie

  1. Leicester City 56
  2. Tottenham 49 (tie)
  3. Manchester City 48 (tie)
  4. Arsenal 48

(Leicester would be 7 points clear! THAT CAN HAPPEN PEOPLE)

Or if Arsenal win and Spurs and Manchester City tie, it’ll look like this

  1. Leicester City 53
  2. Arsenal 51
  3. Tottenham 49 (tie)
  4. Manchester City 48 (tie)

Of course Arsenal and Leicester City could tie and Spurs or Man City could win so these two would happen

(If Spurs Win)

  1. Leicester City 54
  2. Tottenham 51
  3. Arsenal 52
  4. Manchester City 49

(If City Win)

  1. Leicester City 54
  2. Manchester City 50
  3. Arsenal 49
  4. Tottenham 48

As a Gunner, I find this hard because of COURSE I want Arsenal to win the Premier League, couldn’t call myself a true fan otherwise! However, if Arsenal don’t win this time round, then I want go for Leicester! What a story it would be if they actually pulled it off, it would be bigger than when Blackburn Rovers won it all! You look at all the money the big clubs spend every season, especially Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea…wish I could add Arsenal in that list but we all know that story. Leicester spent just under £38 million this time round which ok, is a bit of money but Arsenal spent £42.5 on Ozil! One man and that is about the amount top clubs spend on one man! Spending that much money is usually the norm in this day and age for football, I mean how much have Newcastle spent this season, they are the opposites of what Leicester City have been this season, a total shambles to be fair! Leicester have been great and no matter where they end up in the table, they will be the team every one talks about, even if they don’t win the league, they have to get a place in the top 3! They just have to or for me, it’s a travesty!

I have always somewhat enjoyed having Leicester City in the Premier League, I cheered when they survived last season, when they beat Man United in that thriller match 5-3, when Emile Heskey played for them! When the stadium used to be called the Walkers Stadium! Ranieri is a great manager and I have always admired him, even when he was at Chelsea, he is a good manager and if anyone deserves a Premier League Championship to his name, it’s him!

However as a Gunner, my loyalties lie with Arsenal so of course I am going for an Arsenal win, we are playing at home and our injured players are starting to return as well as Alexis Sanchez and his skills, Ozil is amazing as always and we defeated Leicester the last time we played them at the King Power Stadium so forgive me for feeling a bit confident today. it was 5-2 the last time round but remember, Leicester began the impressive run right after we defeated them so things could be so different this time round but it’s a more must win for Arsenal than Leicester, if Leicester lose than they stay top and play Norwich next while we play Man United at the end of the month so in my mind, a loss wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Leicester but a win would make them red hot favorites to win the Premier League!

I will go for a close 3-2 win for Arsenal, I see goals and mistakes today in what could be the biggest game so far this season for both sides, if the entire League itself! By the end of the day, the top of the table may look a bit more precise or a complete change might happen again, apart from 1st place…how far will the rest of the pack be behind the Foxes?


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