Hello and welcome to Asperwhat43?! It’s called Offensive Comments and Taunts! A list of comments made to me during my time growing up and even when I was all grown up!  Why? Because it’s outrageous how many were made…for having Autism…not called for at all and it blows the mind what not understanding something does to a human being!

Anyone else get that little feeling that some people just can’t help talking to you in that stupid childish voice once they learn you have ‘Autism’ like it’s the correct term or something! Drives me crazy because I’m stood in front of someone trying to have a conversation and they are looking at me like I can’t walk across the street without being wrapped in bubble wrap and a helmet on my head! What is it about finding out that I have Autism that makes people treat me that way? I’ve been accused of many things regarding my Autism but this is just silly…very very silly

  • Accused of Attention Seeking
  • Being Anti Social 
  • Being Rude
  • Emotionless
  • Anger Issues
  • Incapable of the simplest of tasks

Over the years, I’ve had so many comments said to me regarding my Autism and I have quite a long list of them to be true! It’s amazing considering what Autism actually is that so many comments would be said for someone that doesn’t always talk and sometimes prefers their own company sometimes! Now I warn you, some might offend or upset you and if they do, I apologize beforehand! Some made me cry, some made me feel stronger

  • Are You Faking it?
  • Seriously, are you faking it?
  • Are You Ok?
  • Why aren’t you talking?
  • What’s Autism…can I get it?
  • You don’t talk much, do you?
  • Why do you sit by yourself?
  • Where are your friends?
  • Why are you weird?
  • E.T called, it’s home time!
  • Didn’t you get the joke?
  • Your an Angry Person, aren’t you?
  • They used to shock people like you in Mental Asylums
  • Should you be out without your parents?
  • Are you a retard?
  • Why do you talk to yourself?
  • Get cured or something!
  • Are you High Functioning?
  • Stop whinging, you have Autism, so what?!
  • Attention Seeker!
  • Your just pretending!
  • No one struggles to talk to people, your such a liar!
  • My child is far more smarter than you, with your virus!
  • Never have children, you’ll spread it!
  • Your broken, get fixed! 
  • Your so gullible
  • (Imitation) Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 
  • Are you alone?
  • Be Normal!
  • Please, don’t come near us, we don’t want to be seen with a freak like you!
  • Why aren’t you like everyone else?
  • You don’t care about anyone, do you?
  • It’s like your not from this planet!
  • Let me help you solve that, you special guy you!
  • You can’t do it by yourself, your slow!
  • Stop being weird!
  • You’ll still live with your parents when your 40!
  • What’s it like being a retard?
  • Why do you act like that?
  • Stop talking about what only you like
  • Your a robot!
  • How proud are you, I had no idea Autistic people could make friends, mind blown!
  • Idiot
  • Get complain online for sympathy
  • All you want is people to feel sorry for you!
  • Your pathetic! 


Well then, I ignored many of them when they were said to me but never forgot! I’ll admit, many of them hurt because yes, I struggle to talk and make friends….do I really deserve to be mocked that much for it? I mean, what is so fun about making someone who struggles to socialize feel even worse? I just don’t get it yet it happens WORLDWIDE! We just enjoy making others feel bad about what they have because…it makes us feel better about ourselves? I don’t know, probably a variety of reasons really but it just blows my mind! You could say that I was a kid when most of these were said…not entirely true, some were said when I was at least 23 and 24, it can happen when your an adult as well, if people know…they sometimes feel uneasy, like I have a disease and I’m not saying all do, it’s a very small number…just enough to make it a big deal to me, it bothers me because I don’t do anything out of the ordinary…I just don’t always talk!

Is that all it takes? Not talking as much as society deems as sociable? I honestly didn’t know about the talking stick, if you don’t talk so much within a day, you get an insult hurled your way! That’s how it feels and it’s all down to people not understanding what Autism is…so many people have told me that they thought I was just rude and an attention seeker before I told them I had Autism, some didn’t talk to me anymore and the rest understood and didn’t give me a hard time anymore…funny how much changes once people understand! Future generations need a more wider explanation to what Autism is because chances are some one in the school they go to will have it!

Another thing that bothers me is when someone accuses people with Autism of not being able to stand up for themselves! I can do that just fine thank you, I don’t need anyone to defend me if someone wants to call me a name, I’ll do it right back, don’t you worry about that! If you are being poked or shoved…do you stand and take it or do you fight back? I don’t promote violence at all but I don’t advise just taking it! Stand up for yourself! People assume someone with Autism is an easy target, easy to manipulate…that’s why this new Mate crime stuff has been appearing all over the place but I’ll talk about that next time!



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