For the next six weeks, we have to put up with Roman Reigns vs Triple H or 5 weeks of Reigns having promos against Stephanie McMahon….oh boy! can’t wait to have her on the screen with her banshee voice!  You all believe in hope and bla bla bla we’ve heard it all before, you’ll put Reigns in matches against the League of Nations more than likely because their is no way Reigns could take on 4 guys at once, right? Pathetic if that’s what happens!

WWE are very predictable man! Who else are they going to put Roman Reigns against going into the next 6 weeks? Wyatt Family, Sod Off! League Of Nations…more than likely, Dean Ambrose….Nah…1v1, that’s totally fair…to fair for the Authority…New Day?? The point is that it will be handicap matches all the way probably, even though they were done to death between Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble…remember this is the same company that has given us KO vs Dolph Ziggler 16 times!

Roman Reigns is like the broccoli you were forced to eat as a child,  your made to feel like you don’t have a choice, you have to have it…Vince seems to want to make us feel like we don’t have a choice but to love Roman Reigns! Why though? Because he’s the Rock’s cousin, he has to be mega pushed to the top? Reign’s family will be upset if WWE don’t? I don’t give a s*** if they throw a hissy fit if WWE doesn’t give Reigns the belt, they can go do one!

Reigns cannot be the number one guy! Horrible on the mic and the way he is made out to be, he’s the new Superman…wow…never seen that before, I thought WWE was distancing themselves from Hulk Hogan for now?! Last year at WWE Fastlane, Reigns beat Fan favourite Daniel Bryan, this year he beat Fan Favorites Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar…so what…next year he’ll beat Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and A.J Styles? No one over the age of 10 wants Roman Reigns! How are we supposed to feel sorry for him, to want to support him…the guy takes down 4 guys by himself easily…why should I ever think he can’t win? WWE has made him look stronger than John Cena….for some reason and a cocky, arrogant guy that walks around trying to sound cool and still dress like he did when he was in the shield…same music as well…move on Roman, Dean and Seth have!

And as for Wrestlemania, knowing WWE…they’ll have The Rock help Reigns to win the Championship and pray that the Rock will help Reigns be cheered….didn’t they try that at Royal Rumble 2015?? Didn’t work and it won’t this time, Reigns will be booed out of the building but Vince won’t care, as long as people keep subscribing to the WWE Network and tickets for his shows, he’ll never have to listen to the fans…this is why I haven’t even signed up for the WWE Network…I’ll just cancel it within  a couple of months…what’s the point?

What riles people up so much is how their views are just flat out ignored by WWE, their opinion means nothing…only Vince’s and Kevin Dunn’s opinion does…pathetic really, kind of childish by Vince McMahon who I want to go away more and more each month…it’s not only Roman Reigns that Vince has gotten so wrong

If Triple H vs Roman Reigns is the Main Event, it could be on par with John Cena vs Miz at Wrestlemania 27 (shudder) it will be booed so badly! Triple H will be cheered and Reigns will be booed! I can’t believe that WWE really thinks that this is best for business, I mean I don’t hate Reigns, I just don’t like being told what I have to like! No one does! I mean what else are we going to have at Wrestlemania, Dolph Ziggler vs KO 17? Undertaker vs Brooklyn Brawler? Feel bad for people going to Wrestlemania this year or Predictamania!

Wrestlemania 32 Card So Far


Roman Reigns vs Triple H (c)

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