This is the round that Arsenal are traditionally eliminated by Barcelona or Bayern Munich or even…Monaco! Needless to say it hasnt been good for Arsenal fans this time of year for many years now! 

Tonight the first leg at the Emirates, we begin again as we welcome Barcelona! Lord help us all! Everyone is predicting Barcelona to destroy Arsenal easily and I can understand that, I mean why wouldnt they? Barcelona can destroy anyone, any team in the world can be beaten by many goals by the Spanish Giants! 

Messi, Suarez and Neymar…make any team quiver in fright but no team is invincible! no pun intended Arsenal if you know what i mean, 49! Celtic beat them! Never count Arsenal out! It isnt over, I dont see us advancing into the next round but i for one don’t see this being a whitewash! Itll be closer than you might expect! 

A 1-1 draw is what i am going for but i just feel uneasy to think that Barcelona will only score 1 goal tonight! I think we can hold Barcelona off at our stadium where they will beat us at the Nou Camp!


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