I love this game so much every year, it used to be the game of the year for me as an Arsenal growing up as both teams were always fighting over who would win the Premier League…before Chelsea and Manchester City got mega rich, it was Arsenal and Manchester United that were the top 2 teams in the country, fighting over the Premier League crown and I think it was better back then, Vieira vs Keane, Ferguson vs Wenger…Man U ending Arsenal’s unbeaten run at 49…it was personal, entertaining and passionate! Today, not so much because Man U have slipped somewhat recently and might be the team that slips away from the Top 4 once again as Van Gaal just doesn’t seem to understand how to be a manager in the Premier League…if I were to do an award for most boring Manager of the season, it’d be between him and Tony Pullis! You beat Shrewsbury and acted like it was the greatest thing in the world….really, Shrewsbury?! It never should have been in question! How is Van Gaal still in a job…David Moyes got sacked for less and he did a better job! Spent less and got further in the Champions League. Sure he finished 7th but Van Gaal could just as easily finish 7th as well, as the teams around that place are better than Man U at moment…give it a few weeks and see.

The last time we beat Man U at Old Trafford was when Adebayor scored the only goal of the game in 2006, 10 years ago! However in the FA, we beat them at Old Trafford last season so a win today isn’t out of the qwuestion because Man U are weakened…that and the season for them hasn’t really been like it was under Alex Ferguson…far removed actually, Arsenal can win today and a part of me reckons a few Man U fans will be hoping for an Arsenal win so Louis Van Gaal is finally removed from his position but the majority would love a win over ‘old rivals’ Arsenal.

No one in Man U wants to see Man U lose really but if it was perhaps for what they would call ‘the greater good’ would it be that bad, I mean you aren’t winning the Premier League, not with every team above you doing so much better, you really think all those teams are going to lose game after game from here? And even if they did, do you really think you will win game after game as well? The only way you’ll be in the Champions League is if you win the Europa League but even that is a big ask considering how many better teams are still in than you! Man U are not a bad team, don’t get me wrong…but with many injuries, lack of decent signings and a clueless Manager who doesn’t get that his day is long gone, that doesn’t make a good combination and all the other teams…don’t have those problems at all…you beat a small side from Denmark…just, I really would not act like your going to win anything unless you can beat someone decent, heck even if you beat Liverpool, it wouldn’t be the greatest thing in the world….it would be an improvement but you beat them in the league and it did nothing for you! This just isn’t your season but I will say that whoever your next manager is, STICK WITH HIM! Support him and rebuild! Get rid of the deadwood, buy DECENT players! and finally, stop humiliating yourselves by losing games you should easily win!

I will go for a 1-2 win for Arsenal today, I just think Arsenal is the strongest side out of the two at the moment and Man U have too many uncertainties in the camp like injuries and the fans turning against the manager, the club is a mess and are winning nothing this season at the way they are, they beat a small team from Denmark but put them against a Dortmund, Spurs and perhaps Liverpool then they will be exposed. Arsenal know they won’t advance in the Champions League so will focus everything on the Premier League and perhaps FA Cup as well and we did beat them this season quite comfortably already so momentum is with us, Old Trafford isn’t a fortress at the moment.


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