Hello Arsenal fans, well what a bad few days it has been, right? The league is clearly gone now as is the Champions League…the best chance in years and we blow it…nothing new there, although other team’s fans will rejoice in our humiliation and who can blame them when we talk such a big game?!

What on earth will it take for this football to give a damn about winning the Premier League?! we lost 3-2…to kids….KIDS! the weakest Man United side for years humbled us and never looked in much danger losing to Arsenal and it has now gotten to the point that anyone saying we can still win the league is either delusional or incredibly high! For the last few years, we have done the same thing when Arsenal slipped up, that we will do it next season and do we….nope, 4th and 3rd are where we always end up and it wouldn’t annoy me as much if most Arsenal fans didn’t act like we were automatically going to win the league!

Sanchez looks uninterested anymore, it’s like it has sunk in that Arsenal don’t have what it takes to win the Premier League or Champions League, only the FA Cup is the only summit the Gunners can seem to actually climb, better than nothing but we want to win the Premier League, it’s been more than 10 years! The stadium is paid for, we have money yet I agree that needless spending is a bad thing but buy a couple of decent players at least…Giroud is on and off way to often for my liking! Ozil is trying, you can see that as is Welbeck but certain players look like they are getting fed up with Arsenal not winning the big trophies, even though they should be capable of doing it!

For a long time now, certain players have looked lackluster and slipped in form

  • Walcott
  • Ramsey
  • Chamberlain
  • Giroud

I might sound negative but the same thing happens every bloody year yet no one wants to say that maybe Wenger’s time has passed and that’s because he is difficult to replace, I mean who do you replace him with…Guardiola isn’t coming, neither is Klopp…please don’t say Bergkamp or Henry! Just because you were a good player doesn’t mean your a good manager, just ask Tony Adams! Good players have been available and we haven’t signed them…we still think it’s still 2004! it’s 2016 and we are not as good as we think we are, sorry but we aren’t, not efficient enough to win the league as we fall apart to easily! It’s sad really because we are capable of so much but for the love of everything, I HAVE ALWAYS HATED THE PASS THE BALL INTO THE NET TACTIC! for years, we have bloody done that and I can’t stand it! SHOOT THE BALL! I have to shout that every game, like when we lost 3-2 to Man U…how many chances could we have had a shot but chose to pass it closer to the net?! Why, it doesn’t work?! It’s so stupid and we’ve done it for so long now, others teams know we will do it!

Where’s the leader on the pitch…the players never tell each other off for mistakes or anything like that, it’s soft what I see…every other team has a leader and it works, who is Arsenal’s leader? Arteta? Giroud? Cech would be good, if he stays that is! We need to brign someone in and get things sorted…I’ll take anyone who can get these guys into shape because it’s embarrassing what it is! The days of Vieira are long gone!

Personally, I miss Highbury…it was the better stadium…I don’t like the Emirates half as much, the same feeling is not with us anyway, it’s more corporate and I don’t know…I have never felt as excited at the Emirates as Highbury, our true home. Say what you want, you can’t convince me that moving stadiums was ever a good idea, how has it made us better ever since we moved, 2 FA Cups and an American owner who sounds like he couldn’t give a f*** Ozil and Sanchez? Good but Bergkamp and Henry were the ultimate duo and yes, that was me living in the past but if we were in the same situation at Highbury as we are now at the Emirates, I wouldn’t be as mad…even if we somehow win the league, it just won’t be the same as it once was. I know we will have success someday but will it be under Wenger and this current set of players?

This is not a fan who is throwing a tantrum because we lost, by all means…well done Man U for trusting your kids to win it for you, may they become stars for you and have great careers! Rashford was amazing! You wanted it more which I wish I could say Arsenal did…that team would have lost to Aston Villa yesterday! For me, that loss was worse than the 8-2 one! Something needs to change because I will tell you what will happen next season for Arsenal

  • Buy one player in summer…midfielder probably
  • Sanchez Leaves (Fans call him a traitor)
  • Start off well
  • Many Injuries
  • Be 4th at Christmas
  • No Players in January Window
  • Win nothing but finish 4th and Wenger says we’ll improve next season
  • Cycle repeats, only this time Ozil leaves

Why? Because Arsenal’s talk is bigger than it’s football, it’s becoming a club that talks about it’s history but doesn’t look like it will make much more with Wenger…sad but true, we won 2 FA Cups recently, I was so proud of that! Yet we always act like the league was a given because we were on a high! Yet like Gerrard, we trip when it matters and throw it away…this season is the worst because who’s ahead of us…Leicester and Spurs?! Not Man U, Chelsea or City but Spurs…if Spurs win than Wenger, walk! That and our owner who sits on his ranch all day doesn’t help matters along with Piers Morgan having tantrums on a weekly basis about his hatred for Wenger. We aren’t winning the league this season, even if we beat Swansea and Spurs…it’s over, we are the biggest chokers of the Premier League and will trip over the finish line, humiliated that we blew the best chance we might ever have to win it and it’s a bitter taste to take in, it’s frustrating because it looks like some players just aren’t trying anymore because they are convinced that we can’t do it so they don’t see the point.  I will always love Wenger for what he has done for us, how he made us who we are but I don’t want his career to become tarnished any further, I’d rather he left before things got worse, I don’t want to hate Wenger…I really don’t!



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