WWE have reportedly made sure that Roman Reigns is not going to be on tonight’s edition of Raw but some think that when Raw goes to Chicago and Brooklyn, New York that he might not be on those shows either and if so…isn’t that WWE accepting that this little experiment has failed? I mean Chicago and New York are wrestling cities and they will tell you what they really think and let’s face, 9 out of 10 fans don’t like Roman Reigns and these places will boo him out of the building but is that why WWE might keep Reigns off these shows?

It is true that after last week’s Raw, Roman Reigns had a legit surgery for possibly a pre existing problem but does that mean he has to take a few weeks off on the road to Wrestlemania?  You sure about that WWE? I mean this is your MAIN EVENT! Triple H is cheered and Reigns is booed, so please tell me what Vince is on because it must be powerful stuff!

Even if they do keep Reigns off, they cannot escape the likely reaction that Reigns will get at Wrestlemania 32 in April which will likely be boo’s…loud boo’s and that’s all down to Roman Reigns being reported to defeat Triple H at Wrestlemania, has been for months now and become the WWE Champion, for the 3rd time in 6 months…ridiculous! I’m sorry but the guy bores me to tears, all it ever is is superman punch, spear, win! I didn’t think it was possible that anyone could be hated more than John Cena but Roman Reigns is getting to that point and could go beyond that…I just wish that the fans had some input on who should be on top, I don’t care of Roman Reigns is related to the Rock, he is nothing like the Rock!

WWE just can’t admit that the plan has failed, the fans will NEVER fully back Roman Reigns as the number 1 face in WWE, never but they will keep trying because they are stubborn as anything that I can remember.The fans don’t like not being listened too! we pay to watch live, Network subscriptions, merchandise yet you ignore us when we tell you who we love and who we don’t want!

Dean Ambrose? Kevin Owens? Cesaro? Seth Rollins?  Better than Roman Reigns anyday yet WWE is like…nope, they don’t have what it takes but then again Triple H is only where he is for sleeping with the Bosses’s daughter and marrying her! True! Way too many people can get high in WWE just by knowing someone, doesn’t mattered if your talented if your uncle or Father is a WWE Legend…

Are WWE just trying to make Wrestlemania 32 great, just so we don’t boo Roman Reigns? I mean if we have a great card before the main event than surely we won’t be that fussed about Roman Reigns winning? Who knows.

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