First off, I am a white, straight autistic male living in Europe, not only that, I am an atheist. I felt like sharing that with you because it’s who I am, it’s what I have chosen…well the Atheist bit anyway and I don’t have anything to hide at all.

In the world that we live on, we have a vast amount of things that differentiate us and make us unique. From gender, rich, poor, religion, disabilities, sexuality and race for example which is wonderful but with the vast amount of differences, we also have many who do not like or understand why anyone would be or have any of these things at all. For example, some think their gender is superior to the other, one race is better than the others, people with disabilities are freaks etc Not nice to say or think about but sadly, they are all commonly thought and said all over the world every day and this isn’t a blog aimed at insulting, upsetting or making fun of anyone, it’s just an opinion and an innocent question that I wanted to ask. But of course, you’re entitled to your opinion

I can’t speak for all but having Autism, I do know what it’s like to be judged by others and have people look down on me, not like me and treat like I was a lost cause, all based on me having Autism and while it hasn’t been an easy road, I haven’t let any of that deter me from living my life because what is life if others always stop you from doing what you love? Not much of one if you ask me and you can always change the world if you really put your mind to it, you just have to never give up and always try, even when many push you down…you just get back up and you keep going, even if people never listen and you don’t change the world, at least you tried and you cared enough to want to!

If one day in the future, people with Autism didn’t have to feel like they had to feel ashamed for what they had, to feel like an equal growing up and to have everyone understand and be helpful at times of need than that would be amazing. Growing up in the unknown and having everyone else not have an idea of what you had was a nightmare and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone because I hated it so much! I have seen others be left out of school activities just for having Autism and not being able to make friends as easy as others…many locked away in quiet rooms and having to be made to look like someone who is incapable for it! I’ve been told for years that I’ll never amount to anything because I won’t be able to cope, that I don’t have a voice but it’s just what I have been told, why does it have to be true? Because someone said it was, does that actually make it true though? Only if I let it but I haven’t and I have proven those wrong and will always continue to do so because I believe that all humans and wildlife should live a free life without prejudice or judgement to stop us because someone might disagree. Is it wrong to just want to feel like you’re on the same level as everyone else your age, to not be made out like you can’t do anything when you grow up, is it wrong to want to always do your best and never give up when your told there is no point in even trying? But of course, you’re entitled to your opinion

I have always wondered why so many things wind people up so much that they believe that life has been spoiled or ruined because someone is gay or a different race or colour, how is it that it winds someone up so much that they want them to be illegal or to pretend that they don’t exist? Do people really stay up late at night full of hate because someone poor moved in next door? I guess for me, you can believe what you want to believe…it’s your free will and right to do so, to be able like something but if you disagree with something than you have a right to voice that as well which I agree with but it’s when it gets to the point that people are getting hurt because others force and have an opinion onto you or their lives are deeply affected by disagreements and actions that I just don’t understand. But of course, you’re entitled to your opinion

You can have an opinion but should you be allowed to force it onto others and make your opinion there’s as well?

Maybe one day people, we can all stop dreaming of that better world, because we would finally be at our final destination, that one place we all strive for. Maybe it will be free wouldn’t it be nice to live in this world and not be afraid?  be able to grow up in life without the fear of others misunderstanding you because of a so called ‘label’ given to you? That label used by others as a method of judging how you are treated and it’s different worldwide, others are more understanding than others yet some refuse to acknowledge or understand! The simpler kind of life where you don’t feel like something or someone is holding you back, it seems really nice to think about or even dream off but alas, it just seems too good to be true because you can never convince everyone because of the vast amounts of different beliefs and opinions that we all have. But of course, you’re entitled to your opinion

Maybe, one day we can all go about our lives without the judgement of others misunderstandings, to be able to freely go about our daily lives as equals, in all shapes and sizes, that should be a given, not wish that we slowly move towards. In the year 2016, we still seem so far away from not making others feeling guilty and wrong for what they believe in, what they happen to have or don’t have or who they fall in love with but what I don’t understand is how decisions like these are done. I mean, why many people think that something is not allowed, is just wrong and try to make it obsolete so they can have their own way but why throughout history and to this day can one group of people look at another and just like that, refuse to help them, make life’s that much harder and to feel small. To put it simply PEOPLE, how do we as humans make a decision on what is acceptable for us all and what isn’t?

As in, we made up what rules we should have as a society, a sort of charter that has always evolved and changed throughout time but what has always remained the same is who is in power and on top and who is on the bottom and not in power. Along the way, humans have changed as life has gotten more productive and better but we have gone through many battles and turmoil’s and perhaps one could ask why they even happened in the first place. Of course this whole thing might sound incredibly stupid to you, someone questioning why the human race has seemed to struggle with things like equality and such, why not everyone is equal as others and of course, you’re entitled to your opinion but I’m also entitled to mine.

For a long time, being gay was seen as sacrilegious and evil and only in the last few years have some countries allowed gay marriage yet in so many places it isn’t recognized and in some you can be executed or imprisoned for life for it! Personally, if you fall in love with someone of your own gender, than there is nothing wrong with that but I live in a country where same sex marriage is legal and I can have that opinion but that cannot be said for many other countries around the world. I just don’t see anything wrong with it, what someone gets up to in their bedroom isn’t any of my business, why would it put a damper on my life at all or anyone else’s?  But of course, you’re entitled to your opinion.

Maybe one day, all humans. No matter what race, gender, disability, age or religion can dance together in the flower garden with no issues or judgement because at the end of the day, that is what we all are…humans! Seems far-fetched and impossible but ask yourself, why is it? It isn’t impossible to have happen so why do we not live in such a manner where all humans can be equal and never have to live in fear from one another yet at the same time, it kind of is impossible because of difference of opinion, one of those things that makes us unique as well because no matter what your view or opinion is, you will always find those that disagree and will do what it takes to stop you! I mean when mankind emerged onto the scene and took over the world slowly but gradually, how was the decision on who was in charge made? When did we decide that males would be somewhat superior to women? I mean in a few countries in the world, women still have next to no rights…its 2016…how is that possible? At the end of the day though, we will slowly progress towards a future where you can be gay, disabled or a different race or gender and life will be easier and more progressive or I hope so at least because it’s the world we should live in, the world that in my opinion would be better But of course, your entitled to your opinion.

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