This blog is about an incident that is taking place in the UK, it is about a young man called Matthew Garnett who is being kept locked away from his family and life and has been in this place for half a year. Despite what has happened, his history…his outbursts and occasional violence where he has even fractured his arm in the past, that should not be a reason as to why he has been locked away for so long in a place that clearly is not doing anything for him, no one knows what to do with him there, what decision to make and it has become apparent that a petition  was needed to be drawn up to get anything done!

Matthew Garnett is 15 years old and has Autism, learning difficulties and ADHD along with other mental health difficulties been detained for over 6 months in a psychiatric intensive care unit called (Picu) , since September 2015 however, people who are detained here are only meant to be in here for a short amount of time like 6 weeks, not 6 months!

Matthew feels trapped and does not understand why he is even in this place at all and his parents are desperate for his release as they feel that this place cannot properly look after Matthew which the place has actually admitted that they can’t look after him, they do not have the proper method of needs to look after Matthew, so why is he there? Is it because he has an act to be somewhat violent sometimes?

On the BBC article, the parents recall the event that had Matthew sectioned after he was taken out of school, which he did not like and it went as follows

“He started punching me. I was trying to restrain him, but he was headbutting me. I’ve still got the bite marks. All the time he was screaming: ‘I want to cut your head off, I want to kill you’- BBC

Ok, so maybe some people think that he is a danger to others because of how he reacts to things sometimes like change and such but locking him away in a room for 6 months isn’t going to help, he needs to be in a care unit that knows how to look after someone with Autism! He thinks he is being punished for hitting his Father and even though it stated that his IQ was 55 and he liked the Teletubbies, that shouldn’t mean that he can’t be moved to another ward, just because other children who are and I quote ‘young people with skunk induced psychoses’ it can’t be any worse than a isolated room where he has no one to talk to, even most prisoners have a roommate!


”The doctors tell us ‘the problem is at commissioning level’. When we ask what can we can do to fix it, they reply, ‘There’s nothing that be can be done.’ But together we can! Petitions have helped to get autistic children the care they need before and with public support we can help Matthew now. The more people who sign this petition, the more the Government will have to hear about what’s happening to Matthew – and do something about it”.-

I have left a link for the petition at the bottom of this blog, together, we can make a difference! this is wrong and unfair for this family! What possible reason do this place have for keeping hold of Matthew anyway?  Let’s give Matthew a voice, tell the NHS that Matthew should be sent to a place that can actually look after him, a place that has the right stuff to help him, not lock him in a room by himself, his parents don’t even know if he has a bed to sleep on?! That’s just wrong!

“Any child with autism has to a greater or lesser extent a difficulty recognizing, understanding and managing emotions. Matthew’s degenerating mental health means that he is now only capable of instinctive ‘fight or flight’ under stress. Obviously flight is not an option for him right now and this is adding to the agony for us. “- BBC

The parents feel that because their son has Autism that the detainees, PICU are not taking Matthew seriously because of his Autism but it is still a scandal, an outrage and totally unacceptable, it should not matter whether he has Autism or not, a human being is being held miles from his home and he is very scared because no one knows what is going to happen next, how would you feel if that was your child, held in some random A&E?! As much as it would be reasonable for his parents to just take Matthew out of there but apparently, that would be breaking the law! Ridiculous and it’s apparently not a prison?!

”If our son had a severe physical illness, and was detained in a random A&E department miles away from his home for six months, refused assessment, treatment and care, it would be seen as totally unacceptable, an outrage, a scandal. Yet, because our son has autism and mental health problems, the issue has been swept under the carpet”.-

How has something like this happened when it was only meant to be a six week stay that has turned into more than a 6 month one! Why has this young man been kept in this place for so long, his family want him out of there and so many others do as well but for some strange reason, he remains in this place

You can sign the petition here in the link bellow and let me tell you something, the staff that are actually holding Matthew have signed this petiton!


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