Good day everyone, how are you all today? I have had a rather productive day which was nice, I felt really fulfilled after today because I got quite a bit done but this blog is all about a rather interesting event that happened to me, I didn’t expect it to happen, one of those things you can’t expect…they just happen without your control being any part of it. I had a conversation!

‘Do You Want To Talk About Autism?’ 

I had a conversation with someone today, it was quite random because I wasn’t expecting someone to want to talk to me regarding Autism at all, it’s not everyday that someone asks me and I don’t ask them! I was more than happy to engage in the conversation, of course this all came about because I told her that I had Autism, it was rather odd as to why I would just openly tell a stranger something like that, I don’t know what inspired me to do it but I did and she understood…immediately and we got talking about it, on how around the age I was diagnosed, not many people in our area knew what Autism was and that’s why so many people struggled to understand just what it was and I agreed because I can remember no one knowing what it was or what to do with me, so they just stuck me away in a small group where I couldn’t concentrate or do anything and it caused me to have to use a whole year up to re sit and catch up…thanks 2003….you were great ‘Sarcastic clapping’  

One thing that we talked about was Autism and everyone apparently ‘being the same’ or so a lot of people who don’t know anything about Autism might think. You hear the name of something and assume that everyone that has it is the same which is the furthest thing from the truth but it was really nice to have someone engage with you in the topic and not feel put off or unsure as to what to say and we had never met prior to this conversation so this was really rare for me! The weird assumptions people make because of a name ‘Autism’ it must be the same for everyone right? Oh those who don’t have access to a computer, a book or any other human being in your life! it’s 2016, should be more well known by now!

If someone says this to you once they know you have Autism ‘You’ve had to come far’ Is it patronizing?’ What I mean is, would they have said if I hadn’t told them I had Autism and what I had done up to this point? I don’t know but I always feel like it’s like it’s a shock to some people that I graduated with a 2:1 from university or that I’m getting married this year, some people’s face can be patronizing in a way because they are like…well you get the feeling that they never actually expected you to have done all of that and I hate it when that happens because why shouldn’t I be able to? How does Autism actually prevent me from doing anything? It’s not visible…it doesn’t hold me back or prevent me from using anything…true it can make me feel nervous and not confident sometimes but I can still live a normal life if I put my mind to it, why not? Because of how other people look at my Autism and make judgement’s for themselves? In my eyes, mine is the most important one for me and if I think I can give something a go then I will, I don’t care if someone tells me that I will struggle, that I won’t succeed, it won’t put me off, not at all!

The conversation was nice, just because it was nice to be asked about it, rather than asking myself, apart from that I guess it would have gone like most conversations would…I’m glad I didn’t go into meltdowns or anything like that!

Have a good night!




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